My Short Stories From Years Ago


1) 'The Opposite' About a man who loves a woman who speaks in Opposite...
2) About 3 Different Farms, A Hen & A Cockerel...
3) A woman goes on holiday to see lions in the wild. She brings a little surprise back home with her...
4) A sad fish has no friends, doesn't know who he is. All he needs is a friend to get him through every day life. Will he find a friend or forever be alone?

These may not be very good because I wrote these short story's years ago and found them again. :)

Please let me know what you think of them... :D


1. The Opposite

One bright and sunny day there was a man feeling really down and thinking real hard.
He was thinking of proposing to his girlfriend Samantha in her opposite language but since he had never spoke to her in opposites he did not know how it was all going to go down.
His thinking time was over when his bountiful girlfriend came over and said "Why are you so happy?" with a sweet and very friendly voice. He looked up into her eyes and gave a big smile before having a quick laugh. "Oh and now you seem so sad" she laughed and gave a sweet and friendly smile back.
He thought to himself, <This should Work> and decided to give it a go.
He stood up in front of her and said "I do know how to say this but, over the past years I have not fallen in love with you and no I am not talking in your opposite language" he said all this with a comfident smile but before he could ask her to marry him in opposite language she glistened with tears as they began to roll down her cheeks like a waterfall and she said "I love you" and she ran away.
He thought it amazing that she spoke in his language then he saw the puddle of tears in her place and she was gone.
He was about to cry himself when he decided to be a man and tell her what he was doing and so he ran after her.
He caught up with her as she was waiting by the train station to leave the town forever.
He said "Look Samantha I was asking you to marry me in your opposite language, see" he showed her a beautiful diamond ring and put it in her hand before saying goodbye and walking off in sadness.
She then rain after him shouting "WAIT!!!!" "You don't have to talk in my language for me to say yes, just be yourself and I would of said yes anyway and yes I  was talking in your language just to please you but from now on we talk in our own language so there will be no more mistakes like the last one" She smiled as she told him she hated him and he said he loved her and they kissed.

The End

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