My Short Stories From Years Ago


1) 'The Opposite' About a man who loves a woman who speaks in Opposite...
2) About 3 Different Farms, A Hen & A Cockerel...
3) A woman goes on holiday to see lions in the wild. She brings a little surprise back home with her...
4) A sad fish has no friends, doesn't know who he is. All he needs is a friend to get him through every day life. Will he find a friend or forever be alone?

These may not be very good because I wrote these short story's years ago and found them again. :)

Please let me know what you think of them... :D


3. The Lion Cub In The Suitcase

There was once a young woman called Jennifer who was single and lived alone on an old farm left by her parents called SweetSalvation.
She had many animals and they all lived together in harmony like a family and so she needed no friends for they were her friends.
She decided to take a break in Africa to take pictures of some lions in the Wild for they had always fascinated her since 9 years old when she first saw them in the zoo.
Ever since then she dreamed of them and wanted to see them outside the metal cage.
She headed off to the Airport and before she knew it she was in the air and on her way to her dream.
When she arrived she was so exited she could POP!
She rushed out of the plane, out the airport and got an Elephant ride all the way to the Safari ride.
She got in the truck and headed off into the wilderness with other people and her tour guide.
She got off in the heat of the sun in the middle of nowhere nearby a lion pride of 15 lions.
She saw the main male surrounded by his females and there were 5 little cubs there as well and they were so cute.
After taking loads of real close pictures she noticed one of the cubs was missing but she thought nothing of it as she was called back to the truck.
She went straight back to the airport and headed home.
When she arrived back at her farm by Taxi she put her suitcase on her bed.
She saw it shuffle thought her mind was playing tricks on her and so she headed downstairs to have a cup of tea.
She came back up to unpack her suitcase and it was still moving and she could here noises too.
She quickly opened the suitcase to see a little lion cub staring up at her.
She thought long and hard weather to return it but in the end she decided to keep the lion cub a secret and keep it like a dog.
She nurtured it like a mother on baby bottles and special animal milk that she got from a nearby shop.
It became very strong over the weeks and soon enough the lion cub was weaned and now on meat and leftovers.
The lioness was so beautiful and they were best friends for life.
She grew up big and strong and no one ever found out about her and so she kept her for all the lionesses life.
They were so happy together and Jennifer was like a mother to the lioness that she called Sew because of the whole suitcase thing and it Suits her. Ha ha ha

The End

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