My Short Stories From Years Ago


1) 'The Opposite' About a man who loves a woman who speaks in Opposite...
2) About 3 Different Farms, A Hen & A Cockerel...
3) A woman goes on holiday to see lions in the wild. She brings a little surprise back home with her...
4) A sad fish has no friends, doesn't know who he is. All he needs is a friend to get him through every day life. Will he find a friend or forever be alone?

These may not be very good because I wrote these short story's years ago and found them again. :)

Please let me know what you think of them... :D


2. The Blue & Red Chicken

Chapter 1
How The Blue Chicken Became

There was a farm called WinterSnow and it was always snowing there and it was full of sheep, cows, pigs, goats and finally chickens.
Anyway it was so cold one day that the pond froze in an instant just as his prize rooster fell in it and so he was stuck there for 3 days with no food or water till he was saved by the farmer.
The farmer cut him out of the ice and let him warm up by the fire in the house.
After a week of getting fattened up and warmed up and back to health he still was a cold blue colour and the farmer could never get the blue out of him no matter what he tried.
It came to the day where he had complaints about noisy roosters waking up the neighbourhood at 4 in the morning and so he had to get rid of them or the landlord would make him homeless and take his farm and livestock away from him.
He managed to sell all the roosters £5 each accept the one blue chap.
In the end he could not take is landlord nagging him any more and so he gave it away to a nearby far called SweetSalvation and the farmer was happy to have him for she felt sorry for animals no one wanted and took anything in, she even owned a baby lion cub that she found in her suitcase after going to Africa and so kept it like you would keep a dog.

Chapter 2
How The Red Chicken Became

All the while about 5 miles off from SweetSalvation there was another farm called SummerSprings where it was always hot weather and the land was very dry and it was all brown with no sign of green traces.
No crops had grown here for many years.
The farmer owned Horses, Donkeys, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys and he also sold chicken eggs.
He had many female chickens but only one male for breeding purposes.
One day he was cooking his dinner in the oven when his prize female chicken snuck in through a gap just before he shut it.
An hour and a half later he found his chicken bright red and burnt all over but amazingly still alive.
He left his chicken to dip in a cold bath full of ice cubes to bring down the redness.
She was always red though after this.
He became bankrupt with all his Horses stolen and his donkeys as well in the middle of the night so he had to sell all his ducks, Geese, Turkeys and Hens.
He could not move though because he had not managed to sell his female red chicken.
In the end he drove 5 miles to SweetSalvation and gave away his red chicken for free.

Chapter 3
How The Blue & Red Chicken Became

She put the two chickens together in with her other chickens and they both fell instantly in love with each other and after weeks of being together the Red chicken finally laid a stripy egg of Blue & Red.
She sat on that egg for many days to come with the Blue Rooster bringing her food every day and whenever he could.
It was finally Spring when the egg began to crack open.
When the egg fell in two parts two baby chickens came out.
The male was blue top and red bottom.
The female was red top and blue bottom.
It was the cutest chick in the whole wide world...

The End

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