Once upon a Disaster...

You'd think that life was just a 'once upon a time' to a 'happily ever after' but its not. Reality is never like that as this teen is about to find out. Her name is Jess and her best mate Rosie. There life is going bad and there's not always a prince charming to save you but you can save yourself if you stick together as these two girls learn.

Based on a true story :D


15. You Don't Need Boys For A Good Time

I am so sorry for taking so long to write my chapter guys. I had my final exams and everything. But now I have finished my exams and school entirely. No school to get in my way now. I will try my best to make it up to you with this chapter. Hope you enjoy it!

Love Jess Xx


After the girls little talk about forgetting about boys and their heart breaks, they stood there in silence for a moment. Jess was the first to speak up. "so...". Rosie sighed with relief as she finally felt like the chains had lifted and her angel wings could stretch out. Both girls were like a trapped dove in a cage. Their doorways to the future had opened. They found their escape route and were now on their flight to freedom. "Do you wanna go do something fun to take our minds off of all this?" Jess suggested with a eager smile. Rosie looked up from the floor she had began day dreaming at. A little smile began to spread across her face. She said with a hint of excitement "what do you have in mind babe?" Jess made a noise of thought as she stuck her tongue out with concentration. Rosie laughed at the faces Jess was pulling. "How about we go to TESCO, get some cheap reduced snacks and some sweets". Rosie was about to speak with a big smile when Jess cut in to continue with her train of thought. Then we could go down town to get kebab and chips". Rosie once again tried to get a word in, but Jess had not quite finished yet, oh no. "Then we can take all our food, and eat in the park". Rosie finally managed to get a word in. She shouted with excitement. "THAT'S A BRILLIANT IDEA!!!!" Jess said with a laugh "I know babe, calm down, your giving me a headache. Your just so excitable". Rosie giggled with glee. Jess smiled eagerly and said "well what are we waiting for". Jess put her arm round Rosie in a friendly manner, and led her to the back gates of the school. From there they made their journey to TESCO's.

When they arrived at TESCO they immediately split up, halving their money with one another. They were on a food bargain hunt. They went in empty handed... They came out with three bags. Rosie carrying one, Jess carrying the other two. They began to head towards the kebab. "Fooo how did we afford all this!?" Jess asked in disbelief. Rosie laughed and said "no idea! But what I'm really wondering is, how can we still afford to get kebab and chips?!" Jess laughed at this comment. She then said with a laugh "because were awesome". She winked a Rosie. As they got the kebab, Jess began to order the food, while Rosie mentally calculated all the bits of change she had in her pocket. Rosie was very good at her maths. This is probably why Jess decided to order and leave Rosie to her mental arithmetic. This was the only difference between the girls. Rosie loved maths, whereas Jess would rather write a huge four page essay twice than go to a single 1 hour maths lesson. Maths was always torture in Jess's eyes. Rosie handed over the exact amount before the guy had even told her the price of it all. The guy looked amazed behind the counter as he counted it in disbelief. Jess laughed and cheerfully pushed Rosie saying "show off!" They then ran out the shop, Rosie carrying the kebab and chips, as they laughed on their way out the door.

They continued a little small talk as they headed towards the park gates. It was dark by now, so all the rowdy teenagers had gone home or off drinking with their mates. The girls had the park all to themselves. They plopped themselves in the middle of the park field. Jess listened to a tawny owl hooting in the distance of the forest nearby the park. She hooted back using her hands. Rosie laughed and said sarcastically "now who's the show off". Jess laughed at her comment. As silence fell around the girls once more, like a black cape, sprawled around them, Jess fell back into the soft green grass, and listened to the ducks quacking down at the pond. She looked up to the stars above. Jess said cheerfully with a sigh "now, who needs something as beautiful as love, when they can look up to see something as gorgeous as that". Rosie also led on her back to look at the many stars above, coming out to say hello. Jess made Rosie smile when she said "why have love, when the stars are up their together like a family, and were down here together like sisters". Rosie sighed and said "yeah... to true". They then tucked into their kebab and chips. Then after they had finished they headed over to Jess's house for a sleepover. All the snacks from TESCO they ate as they sat up late watching films. Romance, kiddy's films, and a horror here and there, as they laughed at each others silly remarks about each film they watched. The girls couldn't want anything more than the friendship they held so dear. With popcorn between them, and a bottle of coke to go hyper over, not once did James or Josh cross the girls minds.

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