Once upon a Disaster...

You'd think that life was just a 'once upon a time' to a 'happily ever after' but its not. Reality is never like that as this teen is about to find out. Her name is Jess and her best mate Rosie. There life is going bad and there's not always a prince charming to save you but you can save yourself if you stick together as these two girls learn.

Based on a true story :D


3. The phone call...

Me: Hey Jess *quite exited*

Jess: Oh! Hey *quite sad*

Me: You okay?

Jess: What do you think!

Me: Sorry babe!

Jess: Don't call me that!

Me: But-

Jess: I just said don't! Now why'd ya call me?

Me: Well.......Uh......

Jess: Come on tell me I haven't got all day! *Yelling*

Me: Well you don't have to be so mean! *Yelling*

Jess: Come on tell me... *softer voice*

Me: Why? So you can shout at me again!

Jess: Come on! You can tell me whats up?

Me: Not sure I want to now?

Jess: But I thought we w-

Me: Not any more!

I hung up really regretting what I done. Grr Why did I do that. I was the only person Jess could talk to and I've lost her. I tried to call back but no answer. Oh god! I'm such a idiot. Why? So I just cry in my room in the corner, still when my brother comes in. "Hey Rosie-" He starts to say. "GO AWAY" I yell, not wanting to talk to anyone. He storms out and slams my door. I deiced to go on facebook. Jess isn't on my friends list? So I search her and can't find her! She blocked me! Luckily Josh is online so I can talk to him, But only for a bit and we didn't talk about Jess, We talked about meeting up at the weekend. God how I miss Jess.

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