Once upon a Disaster...

You'd think that life was just a 'once upon a time' to a 'happily ever after' but its not. Reality is never like that as this teen is about to find out. Her name is Jess and her best mate Rosie. There life is going bad and there's not always a prince charming to save you but you can save yourself if you stick together as these two girls learn.

Based on a true story :D


8. The Park...

Jess P.O.V

I was walking home with James again. We stayed late at school though to finish off some Art work together and so no one else was at back gate. As we walked side by side James began to hold my hand as my heart lurched. We headed to the park. The whole way he did not let go of my hand. I thought it was so sweet. We sat on a bench side by side looking at the ducks on the pond. He put his arm round me and pulled me in closer. We put out legs up on the bench. We hugged for a while, heads pressed together just watching the ducks quacking away. It was all rather romantic. A mix of emotions and feelings were flowing through me right now. Mainly Joy and Happiness. James suddenly leapt up with excitement and said playfully "race you to the zip wire". I said "your on" with a laugh as we ran side by side to the zip wire. We had some fun on that then he got a text message. He read it and said "oh bother it I gotta go home". He then had a brilliant idea and said "hey why won't you text your parent saying you going round a mates house then come meet my parents". I was not listening, for some reason I was worried about Ruby. I sensed as I she was in danger but then remembered she had Josh with her and so tried to forget it as I replied to James. I said "sorry to spoil the fun we had together but it might be best to do it another time or maybe tomorrow. After all it is started to get dark and my parents like me home before dark. They will only say no". He looked slightly disappointed with what I had just said but he smiled sweetly and held out a hand to me saying "may I walk you home?" I nodded as I felt myself slightly blush. I took his hand as my heart somersaulted. He walked me and the way home and hugged me on my doorstep before waving good bye as he walked down the road. I sighed with happiness as I put the key in the lock and entered. I then went to my phone in sudden worry as I remembered feeling suddenly worried about Ruby in the park. I tried to ring her but there was no reply.

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