Once upon a Disaster...

You'd think that life was just a 'once upon a time' to a 'happily ever after' but its not. Reality is never like that as this teen is about to find out. Her name is Jess and her best mate Rosie. There life is going bad and there's not always a prince charming to save you but you can save yourself if you stick together as these two girls learn.

Based on a true story :D


6. Jess & James...

Jess P.O.V

After resolving the argument I had with Rosie I actually felt happy. Even though I did not get with James I couldn't be happier that I didn't lose my Rosie. As I left her saying 'bye' and 'see ya tomorrow' I smiled for the first time in a long time it seems. I kept that confident smile for the rest of the day. When it finally was the end of school I bumped into Rosie and told her about Costa. Rosie said to me with an excited smile "oh good, he wants to talk to you. Maybe he's changed his mind". I gave small excitable giggle before replying with "that's what I'm hoping". James shouted from beside the old oak tree "well Jess, are you coming or not?!" Rosie said in a whisper  "fingers crossed and good luck" as she crossed her fingers. I crossed mine briefly s I replied with "yeah of course I'm coming!" I ran over to meet him as me and Rosie waved good bye.

Me and James walked in total silence. Very awkward silence. Not a word the whole way to Costa. Probably because we both did not have a clue what to say to one another. We didn't even look at one another, just looked straight ahead and walked side by side. When we finally reached Costa he held the door open for me saying politely "lady's first" I said "thanks". Oh thank God! Were speaking finally. This was actually what I was thinking as he lead me to the back of the coffee shop. We sat in the at the far back side by side on a brown sofa against the back at a really small black table. We sat there quietly for a minute or two before James said "look Jess, I've been thinking about what you said and I reckon-" An old man interrupted James by asking if he could take our order. James said "I think I'm gunna need a really strong Cappuccino please. What about you Jess" James asked me as I quickly replied with "uh I'll have what he's having please". The old an nodded after writing the info down then walked away. James continued "as I was saying, I thought about what you said and well I do like you as well". I replied with surprise and excitement in my tone "yu-you do?" He nodded at me looking all embarrassed. He then said "it's just-" I said "just what?" He said "I don't like the whole commitment thing. It's always scared me and considering I never even had a relationship before-" I said "you never been with anyone?" He said "no" I said "neither have I, it scares me to but what if it wasn't a serious relationship and no one new about it?" He looked at me slightly startled by what I said and replied with "trust me people would know". I said "why would they, if we didn't tell no one". He looked at me weirdly and said in slight anger "look Jess, I came here to explain why I couldn't and try and keep on the right side of you. I didn't want you to hate me for it. But now it feels like your forcing me into this!" He shouted in a silent whisper. I looked horrified and hurt at what he had just said. I said in a worried tone "oh no, I'm not! I don't wanna ruin our friendship over this stupid disagreement. I'd rather forget all this and just be friends!" I said this all panicky. I didn't wanna loose him as a friend. The anger washed off his face and he said with a smile "but Jess I don't want to forget this. I actually came here to tell you after telling you why I don't do relationships that's I'm thinking about giving it a try". He said this with confidence as I replied back with "you do?" I had hope caught in my chest. He smiled even more and said "yes, and who better than you to try this out with". I blushed and my heart skipped a beat. I said "that's great! You have no idea how happy you have just made me by saying this!" I said as quiet as I could with all the excitement dying to escape. He looked at me still smiling, his smile dropped to a serious face as he said "but you can't go telling everyone, I don't people badgering me about it. Also I don't want anyone to catch on so we will have to not do anything during school ok?" I nodded agreement as I smiled happily. He said "oh and one more thing, we have to take it very slow and not too serious. This may not official so don't expect it to be certain. I just wanna see how it goes ok". I said "yes of course, I will obey all of that. I don't want to get right into things so fast anyway. After all I've never done this before so al that is how I want it anyway". He stopped looking serious and smiled at me. We gazed deeply into each others eyes and as the coffee finally turned up an he handed over the money. We drank it as he put his hand on my knee. I smiled at this thinking that my life can't possibly get any better.

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