Once upon a Disaster...

You'd think that life was just a 'once upon a time' to a 'happily ever after' but its not. Reality is never like that as this teen is about to find out. Her name is Jess and her best mate Rosie. There life is going bad and there's not always a prince charming to save you but you can save yourself if you stick together as these two girls learn.

Based on a true story :D


17. I'm Sorry Jess...

It was Josh and James. They were also at the swimming pool. And to the girls horror, they were both headed straight for them. Jess yelled "Rosie jump!" Rosie obeyed her friends command as they leapt into the cool refreshing water. They tried to stay under there for as long as they could. But just as the boys once did, the panic of the situation and the water surrounding them, just took their breath away. Rosie was the first to resurface as she grabbed hold of Jess's arm, dragging her up as well. Due to the desperation for air they both gasped very loudly, taking in as much as possible so they could hide below the water once more. But they were not quick enough, the boys had already jumped in and James was calling out to the girls. Jess put her head down to look at the water. She didn't want to look into the eyes of the guy she once was madly in love in, and trusted her life with.

By now Rosie was also in a slight panic because Josh was tagging behind James. "What the hell do they want?" Rosie said angrily under her breath to Jess. Before the boys could get close enough Jess said with a stutter "I- d-don't nu-know". Rosie tried to be confident for Jess because she was about ready to breakdown in a public swimming pool, surrounded by other people she knew from school. Being a yr11, the school would never stop teasing Jess if that happened. Rosie took a deep breath, and before the boys could come any closer she said "what the hell do you want!?" Rosie didn't realize it, but she was clenching her right fist and shaking it in the air with rage coursing through her veins. James said "wow calm down Rosie. I need to talk to Jess". To Rosie and James surprise Jess actually spoke up, even if her voice did sound like a sore throat. She remained looking at the water rather than into his eyes however. "Haven't you done enough?" Jess said as a tear fell down her face. James did not see that she had started to cry however.

"I didn't know what I was doing? I was confused that day" James said defensively. Jess looked up so now James could see the tears starting to fall down. "Why do this to me James. I was madly in love with you. I loved you so much I even played your stupid trial games, even though that's not fair on me. I still had hope it could work". James looked shocked by her words, he looked as if he felt bad as he soothingly went on. "I know I did wrong. I wish I could make things right now though. I tossed and turned all night in bed, regretting my actions towards you. It is fair to say my decision is haunting my thoughts whenever I try to go to sleep". Rosie said angrily "well it's not Jess's problem is it! Your the one who did all the stupid mistakes here! All Jess did was try to desperately get the guy she has loved for years!" James said "let me speak Rosie!" in a raised tone. Rosie stopped and listened with a cross look on her face. Jess continued to try not to look into his eyes. Josh just stood silently, as if waiting for his turn to start nagging Rosie about something.

James continued his sympathy speech to Jess. "I just want you to know Jess I feel absolutely terrible for what I did. I regret my action severely. It's easier just to go ahead and say I want you back Jess... Really I actually do. I didn't realize what I had till I ended up taking it away from myself". Jess looked into his eyes for the first time since this conversation. She said hopefully "you do love me?" James smiled and said "yes". Jess looked shocked, Rosie was speechless for once. James spoke up once more, a tear escaping his right eye. "But I don't expect you to forgive me. Or to ever take a guy like me back into your heart. I hurt you to badly. I know it's over for me and you". James then reached for the ladder, quickly getting out of the pool, grabbing his stuff on the bench and running out of the entrance. Jess followed after him franticly, forgetting to grab her stuff. "James wait!" she cried after him, but he just kept on going. Rosie yelled after her friend saying "Fine leave me with Josh then. Don't worry, I'll be fine!" She then noticed Jess's stuff and said quietly "and you forgot your stuff. But don't worry I'll do everything as usual". Rosie was not in a good mood, and her mood was about to change now that Josh seemed to be ready to make his little speech.

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