Once upon a Disaster...

You'd think that life was just a 'once upon a time' to a 'happily ever after' but its not. Reality is never like that as this teen is about to find out. Her name is Jess and her best mate Rosie. There life is going bad and there's not always a prince charming to save you but you can save yourself if you stick together as these two girls learn.

Based on a true story :D


1. My life going downhill...

I go to secondary school and I love it in tutor because there's this boy I kinda like. He's in my year and is very nice to me. We hang out at break and lunch and play footie. I'm now year 9 and I am really starting to like him. So I go through a year of adoring this by, his name is James, and so I pluck up the courage to tell him.... over facebook.

Me: Hey

James: Hey

Me: So..... I know someone who kinda likes you.

James: Who?

Me: Well shes in your tutor and is good mates with you...

James: Is it......... You?

Me: Yeah... sorry if I creep-ed you out or something.

Jess is now offline.

I can't believe I done that, as soon as I did I rung up my best mate Rosie. She knows that I love James, I tell her everything. Shes like a little sister, even though shes 2 years below me she is an amazing little sister. Were not even related. But I look out for her and give her advice and keeps secrets and I do the same. She is the best-est friend I could ask for. 

So James approached me on the field. "Hey about what you said yesterday on facebook" He said. Not making eye contact. "Oh crap!" I thought. "I'm really sorry but i'm not looking for a relationship at the moment." He said with sorrow on his face and now making eye contact. I was stopping myself from crying when a tear slid down my cheek. "I'm sorry" He said. "No is fine!" I snapped  walking of with regret rushing through me. I found Rosie and talked to her alone, I told her everything. "Aw Jess I feel sorry for you" She said giving me a hug. I was disappointined that I James didn't love me but I had Rosie.

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