Never Let You Go

"I'll never let you go." I heard him murmur as he slowly fell asleep.
Finally my dream had come true. I was dating Harry Styles. My best friend was practically married to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne loved me. Sounds like a dream? Wasn't a dream for Lily Rose and Amelia Jacobs....




LILYS' POV As I walked out of the hotel, I was greeted by hundreds of screaming teenagers, begging me for a photo. Police lined the area, and mirrored my puzzled look back at me.  Walking towards a young girl, she started to cry. "Hey honey, what's wrong? You okay?" I reassured her, giving her a hug. "You're, you're Lily!" The near hysterical girl stated. "Yes I am, how did you know that?" "The whole Directioners fandom knows who you are! We know everything," She winked, before turning red. "Lily? Can I um have a photo?" I was still puzzled as posed for a photo with the girl.  "What's your name honey? Do people know me because I'm friends with the boys?" "I'm Rebecca! Oh we know about you and Harry, don't worry about keeping it a secret, we don't mind! We love you!" Before walking towards the Nando's down the street, I was stopped by more girls asking for photos, autographs and giving letters to me for the boys.  So they knew.. My phone vibrated in my pocket, and as I clicked the unlock button, my Twitter notifications went crazy. "@HarrehStyles4Eva: OH MY GOD! I just met Lily! @insidelily I love you girly! #Laylor" "@LilyandHarrysChild: I MET LILY! She's so lovely! AUSSIE GIRLS ARE PROUD OF YOU @insidelily xx #Laylor" I smiled to myself as I pushed the door open to Nando's.  HARRY'S POV As we waited for Lily to come home we all flicked through our phones. As I looked through my Twitter feed, a trend caught my eye. Almost at the same time, Niall, Zayn and Amelia looked up and, with a raised eye brows, smirked. "Laylor?" "These Directioners know everything I swear!" I huffed. Quickly I wrote a tweet. "@Harry_Styles: Sending love from Australia, #Laylor is true. Be nice to @InsideLily for me xx" Immediately all of our phones went into melt down, beeping every second with a new mention. A few minutes later Lily walked through the door, arms piled high with bags of food, envelopes and crushed presents. Simultaneously all five boys jumped to their feet, as we scrambled to help her with the load. Typically, Niall raced off with the food. "What's all this Lil?" Zayn asked, as he peered into a bag full of envelopes. "I ran into a few Directioners.." She giggled, from behind a giant teddy bear. She was so adorable, her long hair pulled back loosely, her high waisted white denim shorts slipping down her waist, and the black tshirt coming untuck. I pulled her close and wiped glitter from underneath her eye, before pecking her on the nose.  "You're adorable." I whispered, as Niall walked in with a mouthful of chicken, mumbling something along the lines of 'Dinner is ready!' Lilys POV  Bringing out plates of food, we all sat on the couches, as we watched Toy Story and read the piles of letters.  "Liam, this girl wants you to tweet her!" "Harry this girl wants to marry you!" "Niall this girl thinks you two are soul mates." "Louis! This girl wants you to stand at the window overlooking the street and wave." "Zayn this girl has written I love Zayn approximately 37 times.."   Every so often a letter full of hate would appear, yet the enjoyment of reading the fanmail was obvious in the boys eyes. They loved their fans and every time a letter came through telling the boys how grateful they are for being amazing, all five of them smiled, and I could see them remembering X Factor. I looked at Amelia leaning against Louis, with her eyes shut.  For both of us, this felt like a dream. Two months ago, all we ever wanted was to see the boys in concert, now here we are, sitting around an apartment with them. I smiled at Harry as he showed me his phone. His back ground was a collage that a fan had made of him and I. Our selfies, Harry, Zayn and I surfing, Harry and I skateboarding, Harry and I at Taylor Swifts concert and Harry in my clothes, and me in his.  I laughed, this boy was even more incredible as he seems. Hes gentle, he's smart, he's funny, he's caring, he's so careful, so that Amelia and I aren't hurt by the media and he's amazing.   "EVERYONE SHUT UP THIS IS THE BIT WHEN ANDY GIVES AWAY WOODY!" Liam said interrupting all of our thoughts, with tears in his eyes. We giggled, Liam was mouthing every word under his breath. He loved this movie. 
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