Never Let You Go

"I'll never let you go." I heard him murmur as he slowly fell asleep.
Finally my dream had come true. I was dating Harry Styles. My best friend was practically married to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne loved me. Sounds like a dream? Wasn't a dream for Lily Rose and Amelia Jacobs....


17. Trouble in Paradise


"Hello? Oh hey Lil! Yep just at home, come around now? See you soon babe." Liam spoke into the phone, looking at me.

"Lily wants to talk to you Zayn. She sounds upset." Liam snapped harshly. Ever since Lily and Harry got together he's been acting weird.

"Hey Liam? Are you okay mate?" 

"I'm fine." 

"Are you sure? Are you and Harry fighting?" I asked, confused. Liam has become dull, quiet and snappy.

"Can I tell you something.. That you, um, won't tell anyone?" He said, softer this time.

"Of course you can mate. You know that you can talk to me about anything!" "It's Lily.. She's amazing. She always looks after us before herself, treats our fans better than all of us combined could, she's funny, she's stunning, she's smart, she's my ideal girl. I love her Zayn.." He was interrupted by Lily walking through the door. Liam turned bright red before turning away to face the window.

"Hey boys.. Did I interrupt something? I can go?" She said, pointing at the door.

"No, stay, please." Liam said, almost begging.

"What's up Lil?" I asked as she sat down opposite us. 

"It's Harry. I think somethings wrong"  Harry has been known in the past for using girls and treating them wrong, but since meeting Lily, he hasn't been the same. 

"The other day, before the night club, we um, did stuff.." She started, and I heard Liam wince, "Before Liam took me to the hospital, he wouldn't talk to me, and then when I got back, he was dancing with another girl.." She whispered before breaking down into tears. "I haven't seen in him since the night before last, no one has."

"Lil, come here.." I said, and pulled her onto my lap. She leant on my chest and cried "Shhh, I'm sure he is fine, I know he loves you, he loves you. I know it. I love you too." I reassured her.

"No matter what I'm here for you, Even if Harry is being a complete dickhead, remember deep down how much of a funny, idiot, lovely dick head he is!" I laughed. She smiled and wiped her eyes.

"Thank you Zayn." I heard a door slam and looked up just in time to see Liam's door shut.

"Now, Miss Lily, how about I give Harry a ring and see whats up?"  

HARRY'S POV -2 days before-

As we all got in seperate cars, Lily, Amelia and their friend Emi in one, Liam and Zayn in another and Lou, Niall and myself in the other, my phone vibrated in my coat pocket.  

Hey Harry, Its Lindsay, I'll meet you inside. I know you still want me, just forget about the slut for one night and dance with me. Love you. xx  

I inhaled deeply and quickly replied.  

As long as it doesn't go further than a few drinks with a friend, and you keep the fuck away from my girlfriend. Then I'm cool with it..  

"Who are you texting?" Louis winked reaching for my phone.   "No one." I answered back.   "Ookaayyyyy.." Louis asked. The rest of the car trip was filled with a heavy awkward silence. When we arrived at the club I could see Lindsay standing near the door, surrounded by a few fans. I smiled at Lily as she got out of the car, but Emi and Amelia pulled her away before I could talk to her. As we neared the door, fans starting pushing towards us, and the next thing I knew Lindsay was holding my hand.

"I knew you'd come!" She screamed.

"Leave me alone Lindsay, I'm here with my friends." She winked at me but still followed me to the door. As I reached the door I saw Liam attending to a gash on Lily's face. I was so distracted I forgot to ask her how she was. She shrugged it off and before I knew it she was gone. Liam was taking her to the hospital. Every where I looked Lindsay was there, smiling, waiting.She had short, fine dark brown hair that just reached her shoulders. She was wearing a short dress and a silver necklace, she looked gorgeous, but I couldn't help but think of Lily.

Soon Louis had us taking shots and it got to our heads. We were dancing around drunk on the dance floor when Lindsay made her way over to me. Dancing close to us I felt her put my hands on her waist and she threw her head back laughing and looked up at me.

We had dated for a year after X Factor, and it was a strenuous relationship. We used to party every night, and she was very expressive with her feelings. She would demand sex, money and drugs all the time. After a while I realised how much stress she had caused me, and how it was affecting the band and our fans, so I dumped her. She has remained a friend with benefits as such, but I could never bring my self to love her.

As my mind was getting carried away, I noticed Niall and Emi dancing next to me, getting closer by the minute. I looked up a few moments later and saw them hooking up. Louis was nearby with Amelia cheering them on. Turning back to Lindsay I felt her slam her lips into mine. She kissed me passionately and tangled her fingers into my hair. I kissed back and in my drunken state forgot what was going on around me. Her tongue thrashed wildly in and out of my mouth and her moans escaped her lips.

"I knew it Harry. You never loved that slut. It's me you want." 

I pushed her away just as I saw Lily standing at the door, tears welling in her eyes, before pushing Liam aside and running out the door.

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