Never Let You Go

"I'll never let you go." I heard him murmur as he slowly fell asleep.
Finally my dream had come true. I was dating Harry Styles. My best friend was practically married to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne loved me. Sounds like a dream? Wasn't a dream for Lily Rose and Amelia Jacobs....


3. The Illness

*Amelias POV*
As I slipped my dress over my head I sighed, my scars on my wrist caught my eye.
Six healed, deep purple scars stared evily up at me, but the threatening-to-ooze-blood healing scar made me shudder. 
I couldn't help it, it was an obsession, it had taken over to me. Almost like a robot, I walked over the the draw that held the blood stained rag. Inside was a gleaming razor. I slowly dragged it across my skin on the inside of my thigh. I sighed with relief. Not long after I cleaned my self up, I heard Lily call out my name excitedly.
Slipping on my shoes I walked to her room.
When I walked in, I was overcome with her favourite perfume, Wonderstruck, by Taylor swift. it made me smile, thinking of the day we bought it. Before I was recognized everywhere, before I become a depressed, self harm obsessed freak.
Lily's jaw dropped when she looked up from her phone, I looked at the ground self consciously and giggled. I yelled "Photo Opportunity!" and ran over to my beautiful best friend.

I felt ugly standing next to her. She was that girl that all the guys secretly loved. She was tall, blonde, had beautiful big green eyes and had an infectious laugh that instantly made anyone smile. She had gorgeous, clear skin and was equally obsessed with One Direction as I was. We'd worshipped the boys since we were 15 and 16, when they were still unknown the the rest of the teenage world.


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