Never Let You Go

"I'll never let you go." I heard him murmur as he slowly fell asleep.
Finally my dream had come true. I was dating Harry Styles. My best friend was practically married to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne loved me. Sounds like a dream? Wasn't a dream for Lily Rose and Amelia Jacobs....


15. The First Time



"You look stunning!" I said as Lily stepped out of the bathroom, wearing a mid thigh length white dress, with her hair curled and pulled to the side. She tip toed over and gave me one of her kisses. She never ceased to amaze me, ever since we went public, all she ever offered was endless love and support. 

"Lily Rose, I love you." I said quietly, and I giggled as I saw her jaw drop.

"Oh Harry Edward, I love you too. Never forget that." She smiled. She pushed me back onto the bed and fell on top of me laughing. Kissing me, she put her hand on my chest. With my hands around her waist, I pulled her closer. I felt our bodies intertwine as the kiss grew more passionate. She slipped my t-shirt over my head with ease, and with a few clicks her dress was off too. She stood before me with a cocky grin on her face, her head tilted to one side. Her long hair had come loose and hung down over her right shoulder. Her bright blue eyes shone like diamonds. In just her underwear, she scooted back to my side and started to kiss me again. 

"Are you sure Lil?" I whispered into her ear.

"Harry, I fucking love you." She said as she pulled my pants off.  


"Hey Nialler! Where's Lily and Harry?" Amelia said as she stole a chip from the bowl on my lap.

"Oi! Theyre mine! She's with Harry! They left a few minutes ago."

"Too late! They're yum!" She laughed as she took another one. "Oh okay! You in for a night on the town tonight?" 

"Sure am Mil! Who's coming?" 

"Well, you, Harry and Lily, Lou, Zayn, but not Liam. I think something's up with him. And I'm inviting my friend Emi, you'll love her!" She said excitedly. I laughed and gave her a hug. 

"You're so cute when you're excited Mil!" She blushed and jumped up and ran to her bag.

"This is what I'm wearing tonight, you likey?" She said, holding up a swishy peach dress. 

"Give me a twirl honey." I said in a posh accent, twirling my fingers. She laughed and twirled, her long brown hair swirling around her. She looked so happy. Louis had changed her so much. She was no longer shy, quiet and nervous. She was confident, happy and healthy.  Three days ago Amelia had gathered the whole group of us, including Louis' statue of Kevin, to tell us her story. The whole time we sat entranced, Lily was by her side, holding her hands. Amelia had been depressed for years now, and when she told us how One Direction had changed her life, we all cried. These two girls had changed us as well, and we knew then and there that we weren't just 'One Direction' to them. We were their friends, Louis, Niall, Harry, Liam and Zayn. 

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