Never Let You Go

"I'll never let you go." I heard him murmur as he slowly fell asleep.
Finally my dream had come true. I was dating Harry Styles. My best friend was practically married to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne loved me. Sounds like a dream? Wasn't a dream for Lily Rose and Amelia Jacobs....


9. The Concert


It all happened before my eyes. Tonight the crowd was going off, loud and excited. About half way into the show, whilst Nialler was talking, a loud crack brought back the attention of the whole arena. 

All throughout the show I couldn't keep my eyes off Lily. Every word I sung, I kept looking into her eyes. I'd never felt this way about a girl in such short period of time. When the crack sounded through the arena, it was like it happened in slow motion.
The fence directly behind Amelia and Lily collapsed with Amelia caught beneath it. I jumped off stage and pulled Lilyout from beneath the scramble of people. electric wires, cameras, phones and posters. She resisted my help and started screaming.
I could see blood pouring out of Lily's leg, so I lifted her up onto stage where Zayn rushed over to her to pick her up. 
There were teenage girls all around me, screaming for my attention, but with security, Liam and Louis's help we cleared the area.The arena fell silent as we pulled the rest of the fence off her.
I prepared myself for the worst when we finally got it off her. Suprisingly, she had no visible physical injuries, except for a few cuts on her wrist and a small, but nasty looking gash on her leg. Ambulance paramedics had arrived and loaded her onto a spinal board. I turned to Lily just in time, as she fainted in Zayns arms. 
The arena was emptied as Niall and Zayn carried her backstage. Lou followed Amelia out with the paramedics, and Liam made sure all the other girls around we're okay. I sat down and put my head in my hands. My brain was spinning out of control, there was too much going on for me to take. As the arena was emptied, I slowly pulled myself up and walked backstage. 
Lily was perched on a chair with a cup of tea sitting on her lap. 
"Hey Harry, thanks for getting Amelia out." She choked out, before breaking down in tears. Zayn ran over and comforted her, handing her tissues, before taking the tea.
I sat down opposite and gave her a hug. It was hurting me, seeing her so upset. Her blonde hair stuck to her face as she sniffled, 
"I'm sorry you have to see me like this, I'm not worth your time. I'm sorry." She walked away, tearing my heart out as she left. I quickly grabbed her hand and pulled, so she fell into my lap. I quickly pecked her on the lips, before I knew what was happening. She gasped, under her breath I heard her curse, and I giggled. "Is kissing Harry Styles too much for you babe?" 

3 hours later.

I woke sleepily in a white room, surrounded by One Direction, forgetting the night I'd just had I thought it was a dream until Lily ran over grabbing my hand.
"Amelia Scarlet Jacobs you stay awake you hear me? Stay here. Lou, call a nurse."
"Lily, why is One Direction in my hospital room?" I whispered.
I heard someone chuckle "Here we go." 
"Aw babe don't you remember? We got to meet them before the concert tonight!"
It all came flooding back, the screams turning to terror, the shouting of my name, the relief of pain then darkness. 
Louis came over and sat delicately on the edge of the bed. 
"I'm so glad you're okay babe. You scared me." He kissed me on the top of my head, I couldn't help but smile. After being comforted by all the boys, a nurse came in to ask me a few questions. After a long time negotiating and convincing, she is letting me leave tomorrow. 

After helping Lily after the accident, I felt like I was her bodyguard. She came to me when we sat on the floor in the hospital waiting room, and snuggled into my shoulder. Harry was on the other side of her, holding her hand. I knew then and there she was his, and he was hers. I sighed and put my arm around her, comforting her. In a few hours we'd all been through so much together, so it felt right having her by our sides.

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