Never Let You Go

"I'll never let you go." I heard him murmur as he slowly fell asleep.
Finally my dream had come true. I was dating Harry Styles. My best friend was practically married to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne loved me. Sounds like a dream? Wasn't a dream for Lily Rose and Amelia Jacobs....


8. Chapter 8

I could tell almost straight away Lou and Harry's reaction when we met Amelia and Lily. 
They were both stunners, and Lily reminded me alot of Danielle, who I'd just recently broken up with. Lou and Eleanor and recently broken up too, so I was suprised to see him flirting with Amelia like that. 
After meeting the other girls we all went back into the room where Amelia and Lily had been. I couldn't help it, but I was glued to Lily. She was beautiful. Her dress fitted her perfectly, hugging her body in all the right places, and her flawless skin shone. Harry skipped over to her excitedly and pulled her into a hug. I knew I had no chance.

After spending the next few hours mingling with the boys, they left for sound check, leaving the 10 girls perched awkwardly around the room in silence. 
Lily, the more confident one sighed and stood up. 
"I'm Lily, from Melbourne, 19 and I love chocolate." 
A few girls giggled and slowly one by one they introduced them selves. There was Dana, Jess and Ruby from Melbourne, Victoria, Sarah and Jane from Sydney, Lucy from Brisbane and Alexis from Perth.
Not long after all getting aquatinted with each other they were taken from the room to the VIP section at the front of the stage. Slowly the stadium was filled with screaming girls.
When the boys came onto the stage, it made the night. Lily and Amelia could feel the 10,000 strong crowd behind her, surging towards the fence that separated them. A loud crack brought the stadium to a standstill, and then the fence collapsed, with Amelia beneath it.

I couldn't remember much, except for hearing screams. They weren't screams of lust and love for One Direction any more. They were screams of terror. 
The pain finally hit me, sweeping through me like a wildfire. It scorched my soul, with every bone in my body shaking. The pain was almost better than when I cut.
"AMELIAS UNDER THERE GET HER OUT!" I could here people calling my name, shaking me, trying to get me to respond.
I tried to open my eyes, but collapsed, closing them. The darkness was better.

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