Never Let You Go

"I'll never let you go." I heard him murmur as he slowly fell asleep.
Finally my dream had come true. I was dating Harry Styles. My best friend was practically married to Louis Tomlinson and Liam Payne loved me. Sounds like a dream? Wasn't a dream for Lily Rose and Amelia Jacobs....


14. Amelia's story


Amelia's POV I felt sick in the stomach, knewing the end could be so near. "Shut the door." I barely whispered. "Turn the lights off" Louis sang, as he walked out of the bathroom, before jumping on the bed. I sat high on the large bed nervously, hugging a pillow to my chest. Louis looked at me worriedly before sitting up and pulling me into a hug. "Whats wrong babe?" He murmured. "Tell me, you know you can trust me." I slowly showed him my wrist, covered in faint purple scars. He breathed in sharply and I cringed. "Amelia.." He whispered.  "I'm so-sorry," I choked back tears, swallowing, I breathed in and started to tell my story. LOUIS' POV After reading all the fanmail and watching Toy Story again with Liam, Harry, Zayn and Lily, I lead Amelia into my room. I had butterflies in my stomach as I watched Amelia sit on the large king bed. I winked at her cheekily before dashing to the bathroom. 'Okay Louis. This is it, you've been dreaming about a new girl since Eleanor, and now you've got her. She's perfect. She's all you've ever wanted and more. She's been a fan forever, shes trustworthy, confident and talented. She's yours now mate.' As I pushed the door open leading back into the bedroom, a smile crept across my face. I heard her whisper "Shut the door" and Moments, one of our most popular songs ever popped into my head. "Turn the light off!" I joked, as I leapt onto the bed. Something wasn't right. My Milly wasn't the same, she was quiet and nervous. "Whats wrong babe? Tell me, you know you can trust me." I gasped as she pushed her sleeve up her wrist. The first thing I could see was the multiple scars, decorating her beautiful skin. They fit like a jig saw, all entangling beautifully together, to create a picture of darkness, depression and hate.  "Amelia.."  "I'm so-sorry," She choked, and I looked up into her eyes. Wide with fear, I could see the tears already welling. Wiping them with my finger I grabbed her hand, and she started to tell me the story. "It started in Year 8. I was 13, tall, clumsy and hated. I hated my body, I was skinny, yet hated every inch of my body. The way my hips curved, how my hair never sat right, I hated my smile, my laugh, my eyes, my nose and myself. I stopped for eating for three days before Lily and another friend, Emi, forced me to eat. Whatever they did couldn't stop me. At that stage I was alone, drifted from friendship groups, failed majority of my classes and fought tirelessly with my parents at home. One night as my parents were out, I accidentally cut my leg whilst shaving, and thoroughly enjoyed the pain. I'd seen and heard of self harm, but never ever considered it. At this stage I had no hope, couldn't see any light at the end of the tunnel, so I cut for the first time. At first I'd just graze the surface, but soon the monster became an addiction. I began cutting almost every night but then I stopped just cutting on those lonely nights. I started to cut at school during breaks and then in front of friends and family. This broke my parents heart and caused them to split, sending me even further down into the darkness of depression." Hearing this I shuddered, all I wanted to do was to reach down and pull Amelia out of this hole.  Clearing her throat, she restarted, "After months and months of cutting Lily and I started volunteering at a hospital and that's where I met Jess, who changed my life. She introduced me to a model agent, who signed me as soon as she saw me. At this stage I was a walking skeleton, weighing a very light 49kg, and I wore sleeves every single day to hide the truth. Slowly, my life turned around, and I started to gain weight back, my career took off, and I dropped out of school in year 11.  But back when Lily and I became your fans, when I was still in the midst of depression, it was the night I was told my mum and committed suicide. All I could do to not think of doing it myself, was spend it with my only friend. Mum had been hiding her depression for 8 years from Dad, myself and all of her gorgeous friends. I couldn't bear being at home without Mum, so I moved into Lily's house. The first night was surprisingly the easiest. We ate chocolate, did each others hair and watched X Factor Australia, like most best friends did. Afterwards, we'd decided to send fan mail to a contestant, but instead of clicking onto X Factor Australia, we clicked onto the UK website. The first thing that flashed onto the screen was yours, Harry's, Niall's, Liam's and Zayn's faces. As typical fangirls, we investigated, and became two of Australia's first Directioners. That was the night you boys told your fans to never doubt yourself, to look after yourself, and love everyone around you. The night I stopped starving myself completely, cutting and not letting people in." I started crying and did all I could to stop myself and to look strong enough for Amelia to lean on. "Babe. You know how much I love spending time with you. Over the past month I've gotten to know you as a bubbly, confident, beautiful, funny, smart and talented girl. I will never let you feel like you're worthless, fat, ugly or a failure. Honey, I know it hasn't been long, but I'm in love with you. Your story has proven to me your worth it. You're strong, you're a fighter. You fight for what you want. All you've ever wanted is to feel beautiful, to feel loved, and all I ever want is to make you feel beautiful and to make you feel loved. Don't you forget that okay? And you've for four other boys here who love you too. The last month has changed us all, you and Lily and have changed us for the better. We love you both. I love you." I spoke before pressing my lips against hers, and not stopping until we were both breathless. "I love you too Louis Tomlinson, and never will stop." She whispered, before lying back on the bed and leaning her head on my lap. Stroking her face, we stayed that way until we woke at sunrise the next morning.
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