My Life

Jake, a 11 year old boy is left to fend for himself when his Mum disapears after a night out; how will Jake cope by hiself , will he manage without his mother?


2. Alone

    I headed into the living room,'Huh, the TV is still on must have forgot to turn it off last night when I was feeling sleepy' , I thought to myself , 'Any way, might as well get something to eat while I am up, even though it is just gone 20 to 6 in the morning , I will not be able to go back to sleep now anyway.' I am one of those people that when they wake up they can not get back to sleep, at all, so I have nothing better to do anyway. "What to eat, what to cook... Ah! I know!" I know that Mum would not like me having a nice piece of her favourite steak for breakfast, but ... it was only going to be a one off. So I went ahead and opened the fridge, which the previous morning had been full with meat and poultry. But, all that now remained were the packets of which the meats had been contained in. They had been torn a part to get at the meat inside. I was completely confused. I knew that I had not eaten the meat because I was sleeping, and anyway who would eat raw meat that could potentially give you food poisoning? Well it beat me.

   Not fancying meat for breakfast any more I decide that sweets would hit the spot instead. So I began to head toward my bed room which was where I hid my secret stash of sweets, which only I knew about. As I reached my bed room door there was a weird smell, not completely stinking but, just a weird smell which I knew my bed room did not originally smell like. Perhaps some of my sweets had passed their eat by date. So I dismissed the smell and proceeded to open the door and look under my bed to retrieve my stash of sweets. Instead, I found the meat. Most of it had bites taken out of the pieces. Now I finally became fully operational with my senses now that this new discovery had shaken off my remaining fatigue. First of all, why were the meat packets torn open, and who did it, secondly, why was there half eaten pieces of meat underneath my bed, and who had put them there and why. I didn't  move for awhile. The questions that I desperately wanted answers to were just replaying over and over in my head. Nobody else was in the house, and I had no pets so it was not going to be a one off incident when the dog manages to get into the fridge and takes the meat into somebody's bed room. So, if I was the only person here then how could I have done it? I think that I better have a look around the house, just to make sure that I was alone. I began by looking in my wardrobe.

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