Mischievous Vampires

This is based on a fiction story it is about humans and Frank one night went out and got bit by a vampire and then bit his mum and turned into a vampire and then had a funeral and Karen and her husband phoned the police and at the end the police tell Karen and her husband that Franks mu was a vampire and so was Frank.


3. Funeral and some bad news.


 A few weeks after was Franks funeral but then his mum didn't turn up for the funeral so something was wrong with her everyone was looking for her everywhere but Franks cousin Tim said "Lets go to her house and see if everything is okay", Tim told Tims mum (Karen) to go to her house so she did, and then she tried to open the front door it wouldn't open so she tried the back door that wasn't open as well so she rang her husband to come down and knock the door down so she did and her husband came up and said "What is wrong with her?" Karen tried to tell him that the doors was locked but he didn't believe her so he tried them and it was open Karen was petrified and didn't want to go in the house. Karen worriedly said " But I swear it was locked I was trying my best to open this door but it was locked I even checked the back door and that was locked" so her husband tried the back door, and it was actually open Karen was freaking out really badly. Karen said "I'll wait outside for you." Next minute Karen's husband shouted "HELP!" Karen went into the house and went upstairs Franks mum was on the floor dead but they didn't think once that she was a vampire they thought, that she was pale white because she died. They phoned the police and the ambulance. So  they turned up at the house and had to take her back to hospital and Karen and her husband had to go back to the funeral and had to break the news that she died so Frank and his mum had the funeral on the same day. It was horrifying everyone was crying because Franks mum invited all of her best mates and they all was crying because it was Franks and his mums funeral on the same day! 

The next day Karen and her husband got a phone call by the police and told them she was a vampire and got bit by another vampire but they didn't know who it was and then they thought oh yes it must be Frank who bit his mum at night because that's what they did they always, used tonight people at night. 


The End 

Thank you for reading my book!

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