Mischievous Vampires

This is based on a fiction story it is about humans and Frank one night went out and got bit by a vampire and then bit his mum and turned into a vampire and then had a funeral and Karen and her husband phoned the police and at the end the police tell Karen and her husband that Franks mu was a vampire and so was Frank.


2. Franks mum being bit


Now its night time and Frank locks his door so his mum doesn't come in so his mum tried getting in his room, and she shouted "Frank"! he shouted back "I'm going asleep night". She said "Okay". SO his mum went to brush her teeth and then went to bed everything was quiet Frank couldn't get asleep so he opened his door and went in his mums room and it his mums neck he didn't want to do but he was really hungry he ran into his room and locked it his mum was screaming she didn't know what to do because her husband (Franks Dad) was at wok he works on night shifts so she didn't know what happened so she went asleep and woke up in the morning to brush her teeth, and screamed and said "What has happened to me!!!!". She was scared she banged on Franks door saying get up get up he woke up, and said what mum and he opened the door his mum looked at him and Frank looked at his mum and hugged each other and Frank told his mum about the story and they both was crying Frank was only 15 years old and unfortunately died the day after.

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