Mischievous Vampires

This is based on a fiction story it is about humans and Frank one night went out and got bit by a vampire and then bit his mum and turned into a vampire and then had a funeral and Karen and her husband phoned the police and at the end the police tell Karen and her husband that Franks mu was a vampire and so was Frank.


1. Frank turned.


One night Frank saw a vampire, walking down our street and suddenly the vampire grabbed me and bit him, Frank was very scared and had teeth marks in my neck it was horrifying and then he became a vampire. Frank started turning white and looked like he had make up on but he didn't, so he had fangs and blood dripping down his neck. Suddenly he disappeared into the air and then he we saw a flash at his door it must be Frank. He went in his house and then ran up stairs so his mum couldn't see him as a vampire, Frank didn't know what to say his mum or dad because he was scared of getting done but it wasn't his fault. It was the vampires. His mum shouted up "Frank super's ready". Frank sneaky said "No thanks don't want any". His mum thought something was wrong because he was acting strange but actually Frank was being weird and suspicious but his mum, didn't know that he was a vampire! 

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