Little White Lies

After a terrible accident encountered with Crystal's parents causing death over the Summer holidays, Crystal has never been the same, but she tries to ignore it and get on with her life.
She's the most popular girl in school, she has a boyfriend Mitch, and her life is going great when he doesn't think about her parents.
What happens when she meets someone who totally turns her world upside down? read to find out!


18. Tour.

I woke up hearing the exciting screams coming from the living room, knowing that it was either Maddy or Brit, because today is the day that we go on tour. 
Maddy and Brit stayed the night at my house and they packed there stuff at my house so that it would be easier, and then after breakfast we're going to make our way over to the boys place. 
"Goood morning," I said cheerfully coming down the stairs. 
"Today is the daaaaaayy-" Brit sang. 
"That we go on touuuurrrrrr" Maddy and Brit both sang together. 
I giggled and made my way over to the table. 
"We got you Starbucks," Brit said, handing me a cappuccino, "Thanks." I said smiling at her, then taking a sip.
"We should probably leave soon," Brit said, dumping her bags on the couch. 
"Enough bags?" I asked, raising my eyebrows. 
"One bag is filled with food," Maddy said, rolling her eyes. I just looked at her, and didn't reply. 
"What?" She said, walking over to the kitchen. 
Suddenly, my phone vibrated and it was a text rom Harry: We're leaving in about an hour and a half, come over love? :) xx
"GUUYYYSSSS, WE'RE LEAVING NOW," I called to them. 
"OKAAYY" They both replied in unison. 
We both made our way out to Brit's car and drove to the boys place singing 'Heart attack' emphasising the 'Ow'. 
We got to the boys Hotel and made our way into the room with the spare key that Harry gave me. 
"Hey love," Louis said, giving us all a tight hug. 
"You ready for today?" Niall asked, with his arms around Brit. 
"Definitely," We all said in unison. 
"Wheres Harry?" I finally asked. 
"In his room," Liam replied. 
I made my way and knocked on Harry's door, "Come in," He replied. "It's me." I told him, and he pulled me into him for a hug and kissed me on the fore head. 
"Excited?" He asked, as I looked up at him. 
"Very!" I replied. 
He giggled, "Do you have everything?" 
We made our way out of Harry's room and into the living room where all the boys and Brit and Maddy were sitting. 
"Brit, why do you have so many bags?" Liam asked with his arms around Maddy. 
"Ones filled with food," She replied with a smile. 
"That's my girl." Niall said, as he kissed her on the cheek. 
"Paul texted," Zayn said, coming out of his room, and giving me and Harry a weird look as his arms were around me, that look kind of looked like jealousy? Wait no, it can't be. He's dating Perrie. 
"The tour bus is out the front, but there is a mob of fans in front of it, so we're going to have to push our way through, and give a couple of autographs," He stated, looking at all of us. 
They wanted autographs from us? Wow, things blew up fast. Especially my twitter, I had over 1 million followers now. 
We made our way out of the Hotel and towards the tour bus, and the fans were going crazy, and there were a couple of body guards so we didn't get trampled. 
"Faith! Faith! Can I have an autograph!?" Some of them screamed, and I gave a couple of autographs as I went through, as well as Brit and Maddy did. 
"ARE YOU REALLY DATING HARRY!?" One of them screamed, "You're so ugly! You don't deserve Harry!" I felt tears well up in my eyes, but then Harry grabbed my hand and kissed the top of it, I smiled and the tears quickly went away. 
Soon enough we made our way into the tour bus, and it was HUGE. 
"There's so much food!" Brit said, dropping her bags and covering her mouth and it looked like she was going to cry from happiness. 
"Wow, you're more like Niall every day," Louis said, smiling at her and giving her a hug. 
"So, we're going from London, to Canada, from Canada, to Toronto?" I asked. 
"Mmm," Harry said kissing me on the cheek. "But there's still a long way to go," He said and kissed me on the head this time, and I got instant butterflies. 
"Where's Zayn?" I asked, realising that he wasn't in the room. 
"In his room, he's acting kinda weird though," Niall said. 
I made my way to Zayn's room and knocked on the door, "Who is it?" "It's me," I replied quickly. 
"Come in if you want." He said. 
I made my way in and saw him sitting on his bed with one ear phone in his ear, "What are you listening to?" I asked, attempting to make this less awkward. 
"Faith." He replied, smiling at me. 
"You have us on your iPod?" I asked. 
"Yeah, I like your voice the most though," I blushed and looked down. 
"Are you okay?" I asked, sitting on the edge of his bed. 
"Why wouldn't I be?" 
"You've been acting kind of weird, distant... I guess." I replied, looking at him. 
"No no, I'm fine, really." He said. 
I pulled him into a hug, and he stroked my hair and kissed my head. 
"You're my best friend, you know you can talk to me about anything, right?" I asked him. 
"Mm, I know." He replied. I could tell something was definitely wrong, he wasn't being himself. But I figured he would tell me when he was ready. Right? 

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