Little White Lies

After a terrible accident encountered with Crystal's parents causing death over the Summer holidays, Crystal has never been the same, but she tries to ignore it and get on with her life.
She's the most popular girl in school, she has a boyfriend Mitch, and her life is going great when he doesn't think about her parents.
What happens when she meets someone who totally turns her world upside down? read to find out!


6. 'Things will fall into place sooner or later, they have to.'

I woke up to the smell of pancakes and waffles, my Aunty and sister must be home already. It's a Saturday morning, and I sighed knowing that I would have no idea what to do. I lifted myself out of bed, and checked my phone and saw a text from Brit, telling me to call her when I wake up. I dialled her number and waited for her to pick up, and she answered on the third ring. 
"Hey, you wanted me to call?" I said. 
"Yeah, me and Maddy are going to go to get Starbucks later, do you want to come?" 
"Yeah of course! Just text me when you want me to meet you guys," 
"Okay, see you later," 
And then I hung up. 
I got out of bed, and made my way to my closer, deciding what to wear today, seeing as I'd meet Maddy and Brit later. I decided on my maroon skinny jeans and my black nitted sweater that had a cat on it, along with with my black boots. ( ) I made my way downstairs to the smell coming from the kitchen, I sat down at the table. 
"How was Nans?" I asked my Aunty, enthusiastically. 
"Oh... it was.. um, fine, sweetheart." She said, putting a plate of waffles in front of me. Something wasn't right, she didn't see as happy as she was yesterday, she seemed like she was on edge about something. But before I could ask her what it was, I got a text from Maddy.
We're coming to pick you up in 10, make sure you're ready! x
I tried to brush off the fact that my Aunty wasn't acting like her normal happy self, she probably just had a bad morning. 
I finished my waffles and went into the bathroom, I brushed my hair, letting my curls fall over my shoulders, and put a little bit of makeup on. Just as I was finishing I heard Brit's Kombi beep from outside the house, that was my cue. 
I headed out the door saying a quick goodbye to my Aunty, and off to Starbucks we went. 
We were singing along to 'Little things' until we got there, we ordered our drinks and sat down. 
"Sooo, what did I interrupt when I called you last night?" Brit asked, with a seductive eyebrow raise. 
"Ooohhhh!" Maddy butted in. 
"It wasn't like that! we just..." I trailed off. 
"OH MY GOD, SPILL." They both said in unison. 
"Okay, well, we were having a food fight, and then he fell on the ground because he slipped on some egg on the floor, and well.. he ended up pulling me down with him," 
"Shhhh!" I hissed, "I don't want the whole world to know that me and Harry Styles almost kissed on my kitchen floor." Oops. 
"YOU AND HARRY WHAT!?" Maddy screamed in excitement. 
"Shhhh!" I hissed again. 
"Okay, spill it. What happened?" Maddy asked, quieter this time. 
"Well, when I was underneath him, we were like leaning in for a kiss and then well.. my phone rang, and it was Brit." I said. 
Brit put her hands up in surrender, "I didn't mean to!" 
"ANYWAYS," I continued "After that, he just... didn't look at me, or didn't even hug me for long like he usually does when he says bye to me, we didn't even end up making brownies, and he basically just left without a word.." I admitted, looking down. 
Maddy and Brit fell silent. 
"Maybe he just felt awkward, like he didn't know what to do?" Maddy suggested. 
"No... but, I don't know. I don't want to deal with boy drama, I've had enough of it. I'm tired of being confused, why can't things ever be simple?" I let out a sigh. 
"Things will all fall into place sooner or later, they have to." Brit said, giving me a comforting smile. 
Brit dropped me home and I made my way into my house, my phone beeped and it was a text from Harry, and I got instant butterflies
Me and the boys are going to a beach house tomorrow for a couple of days, and I was wondering if you , Maddy, and Brit wanted to come along? I also think Liam and Niall have a pretty strong liking towards the girls. ;) 

I texted him back saying that it would be great for us to all hang out together, I texted Maddy and Brit what was happening and I swear I could HEAR them screaming through text messages.
Hm, these few couple of days might be interesting. 

Sorry that this chapter was so short and boring! But I promise the next chapter will be much longer, and I have something really exciting in store for all of you hehe. 
Keep favouriting and liking it please, I'm literally so stoked that over 100 people are reading this! ahh. <3 I love you all. <3

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