Little White Lies

After a terrible accident encountered with Crystal's parents causing death over the Summer holidays, Crystal has never been the same, but she tries to ignore it and get on with her life.
She's the most popular girl in school, she has a boyfriend Mitch, and her life is going great when he doesn't think about her parents.
What happens when she meets someone who totally turns her world upside down? read to find out!


4. Stay calm.

Me and Harry made our way out of class and into the crowded hallway, I told him that I would catch up to him later because I needed to tell Maddy and Brit what happened earlier today. 
I ran up to them, almost out of breath. 
"Oh. My. God, you will never believe what happened before class when you guys walked off." I said, pulling them aside so I could talk to them more privately. 
"You and Harry kissed? oh my god, I knew it!" Brit said, with a seductive smile plastered on her face. 
"What? no! why would we kiss?" I said, trying not to let my mind linger off to the thought of kissing Harry...
Maddy and Brit shared a look with each other before turning back to me to hear what I have to say. I just tried to brush it off. 
"Okay, well..." When I finished telling them what happened, their jaws were dropped. 
"OH MY GOD, I KNEW HE LIKED YOU, HARRY FREAKING STYLES LIKES YOU! IT'S SOOOO OBVIOUS," Brit yelled, clapping her hands while jumping up and down. 
"I KNOW RIGHT, THAT WAS SOOO SWEET OF HIM TO DO THAT!" Maddy said, now doing exactly the same thing as Brit. 
"Keep it down guys! we're still in a crowded hall way you know," I said, glaring at both of them. 
"Oh, sorry." They managed to whisper under their breath. 
"Okay, just completely off topic right now. You wouldn't believe who kept flirting with Liam today in Music." Maddy said, trying to contain her anger. 
"Tash, I bet." I said, raising my eyebrows. 
"Bingo." Brit said. 
"Speaking of the devil..." Maddy let her voice trail off. 
I followed Maddy's gaze and saw Tash and her 2 little followers lagging behind her, she was strutting like she owned the place. Bitch, please. 
All of a sudden, Tash was right up in my face, without any warning what so ever, Tash poured her strawberry smoothie all over my head, making it's way down to my shirt. 
"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM!?" Maddy yelled right in her face. 
"Oh, sorry! I didn't even see you there, it's like you were totally... invisible." Tash said, with a cocky little grin on her face. I almost slapped her. 
"CHECK OUT MY TOTALLY INVISIBLE FIST." Brit said, holding up her fist, and staring right at Tash. 
"Oh please, her shirt would have looked better on me anyway, by the way, I think it looks much nicer on you now than it did before." Tash said, pointing at my shirt, and the smoothie. 
"As if, you probably wouldn't even be able to fit into her shirt." Maddy said, glaring at her. 
"Yeah, you're right. Because unlike Crystal, I have curves, and boys love curves. Especially your boyfriend, Crystal. Oh wait, I mean EX boyfriend." Tash said, cocking one eyebrow. 
"Curves? Bitch please, don't get your 'curves' mixed up with just being plain FAT." Brit snapped back. 
"Yeah, at least Crystal doesn't fill up her bra when she wears one." That statement was true, once me and Maddy caught her in the girls bathroom on a thursday afternoon shoving tissues into her bra like there was no tomorrow, I laughed so hard I nearly fainted, and Maddy managed to get a photo as well. 
"Yeah... well, whatever." Tash's voice trailed off. I think it was clear who won this battle, even though I was basically drowned in strawberry smoothie. 
Tash and her 2 friends strutted off down the hall way, bitches.
"Come on, I'll get you guys home." Brit said, walking out the school doors and towards her Kombi. 
We hopped in and started singing to 'Live While We're Young.' 
"TONIGHT LET'S GET SOMEEEE, AND LIVE WHILE WE'RE YOUNG!" We all sang as loudly as we could as we dropped Maddy home. 
"It's alright, we'll get her back tomorrow Crystal, I promise." Maddy said, before getting out of the Kombi and walking into her house. 
Soon enough we were at my house, "I'll see you tomorrow Brit, text me." I said, giving her a quick hug before I hopped out. I walked into my house, and my Brit honked her horn as a 'goodbye'. 
I laughed and made my way into my house. I expected to be attacked by questions like, 'How was your day?' 'Did anything exciting happen?' but I wasn't. 
Instead there was a note taped on the fridge that said:
Went to Nan's and will be back tomorrow. There is pasta in the fridge if you get hungry, and make sure you feed Halle! be good, xx. 
I sighed and made my way to the bathroom for a nice long shower, I hopped in and stayed in there for a while just thinking about how good, and awful today was. I realised that Harry was on my mind the whole time, I wondered why he cared about Mitch so much. I thought for a second that maybe he might fancy me a bit. But why would he? there's a million different girls out there who are probably smarter and prettier than me. I sighed. 
I hopped out of the shower and chucked on some comfy clothes while tying up my wet hair into a messy bun. ( ) 

Harry's P.O.V. 
Me and the boys headed back to our Hotel, paul insisted we stay together till the end of the year to avoid drama, I guess he's just saying we need to look after each other. 
We all just sat down in our room and chilled out, "Soooo, I think our little Harry has a crush!" All the boys ran over to me and started tackling me. 
"Harry likes Crystallllll!" Niall teased, laughing with the other boys, and making kissy noises. 
"I might like her a bit, but only a bit!" I admitted, I hadn't really thought about liking her that much, but now that I thought about it, I think I did like her a bit. 
After I admitted it, all the boys pilled off of me. "Come on Niall, you're the one with the crush, we all know you like Brit!" The boys started making kissy noises again, but this time at Niall. 
After everyone was done teasing each other, I pulled out my phone and started to text Crystal.
Hey love. :) Need company? 
less than a minute later my phone buzzed, the boys looked at each other and tried to hide their smiles. My Aunty and sister aren't here. :( Company would be great! I'll text you my address. 

Crystal's P.O.V. 
Oh my god. Harry is coming over to my house in less than 20 minutes. I CAN'T DO THIS. Calm down Crystal, you can do this, he's JUST a boy, a very attractive and adorable and perfect boy... NO, JUST A BOY. 
I started to panic and pacing all around my house. I decided to call Maddy and Brit to get some advice from them. They both picked up at almost the same time. 
"hey!" they both said enthusiastically. 
Brit and Maddy bursted into laughter because I was basically having a breakdown over the phone to them. 
"Okay okay, firstly, CALM THE HELL DOWN. You don't want him to show up to your house hyperventilating and looking like a hot mess." Brit said, trying to hold in her laughter. 
"Okay, got it." I let out a deep breath, and tried to shake off the nerves.
"Just be yourself, he already likes you, so just act how you normally do!" 
Okay, I guess that could work. I suddenly didn't feel dizzy or panicky anymore. 
"Call us if you need anything!" And with that, they both hung up. 
I look down at my grey sweatpants, black singlet, and ugg boots. He can't show up when I'm dressed like this! I have to go and change. 
Just as I was about to head up the stairs, someone knocked on my door. 


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