Little White Lies

After a terrible accident encountered with Crystal's parents causing death over the Summer holidays, Crystal has never been the same, but she tries to ignore it and get on with her life.
She's the most popular girl in school, she has a boyfriend Mitch, and her life is going great when he doesn't think about her parents.
What happens when she meets someone who totally turns her world upside down? read to find out!


10. I don't know what to do.

Harry's P.O.V. 
It's been a week, and we were all back at school. Crystal knows nothing about what happened with me and Tash, I wanted to tell her, I really did. But I really loved her, and I didn't want to lose her. The guilt was killing me. 

Crystal's P.O.V. 
After a week at the beach house, we were all back at school, and I haven't seen Brit and Maddy for ages, and it feels like forever!
Harry was acting really weird since he went out clubbing with Niall, every time I asked him about it he just said that nothing was wrong, but I know when Harry's lying. 
I walked into school, and I was greeted by Brit and Maddy. I gave them both hugs. "I feel like I haven't seen you in forever." Brit and Maddy said. I just laughed at them, "Hows you and Harry?" Maddy asked, raising her eyebrows. 
"We're good, I think.." I let my voice trail off. 
"You think?" Brit asked with a worried look. 
"I don't know, he went out clubbing with Niall and he's acted weird since." I looked down and started playing with my hands again. 
"Don't worry, he's probably just on his man period," Brit said. We both laughed at her lovely theory. 
We were walking to Math class when someone bumped into us, Tash. Great. 
"Don't you have anything else to do besides annoy the shit out of people?" Maddy snapped. 
"Yeah, shouldn't you be sucking someones face off by now?" Brit added. 
"Oh, I already did that," She said, shifting her gaze to Harry. 
"Harry? Oh please, that spots filled, love." Maddy said, coldly. 
Just as Maddy said that, Harry was just about to walk past us when Tash called him over. He reluctantly made his way over. 
"Are you sure about that?" Tash snapped, "why doesn't your 'boyfriend' over here tell you what he did on that lovely Saturday night." 
I looked at Harry, and tears started to prickle my eyes, soon enough everyone stopped themselves in the hall way and watched what was happening. 
"You slept with her!?" I managed to choke out, by now tears were streaming down my face. 
"How could you!? I trusted you! I told you about my parents! I told you everything!" I yelled at him, I looked right in his eyes, they were filled with guilt and sorrow. But at this point I was to angry and upset to care. 
"It wasn't like that! I didn't mean t-" I cut him off. 
"You didn't mean to what? Go out and get totally off your face, you didn't mean to kiss the one girl that I hate? you didn't mean to sleep with her!?" I yelled, through sobs and letting the pure anger explode out of me. 
"I thought you were different, Harry. I thought you cared. You know what sucks? I fell for you, I fell for you harder than I've ever fell for anyone, and this is what happens. I knew you weren't right for me, you're famous, you're perfect, and you have everything you could have ever wanted, and I'm just me. The pathetic girl that lost her parents. So you know what? we're over, and I'm never speaking to you again. Goodbye, Harry." And with that, I ran off down the hallway, not even bothering to go to my Math's class. 
"Crystal, wait!" I heard someone yell after me, I could hardly hear them because of my crying, but I knew it was Zayn. 
Soon enough I stopped running and collapsed on the ground, letting all my emotions pour out of me, I was breaking down in tears in the school carpark, and I couldn't care less if anyone was watching. I felt warm arms wrap around me, it was Zayn. 
"H-he cheated on.. m-me.. w-with her.." I said, through sobs, crying into Zayn's chest. "Shh," he whispered, stroking my hair. 
I have never felt so broken before, without Harry I feel like something is missing from me, and it hurts, a lot. 
"I'll get you home," Zayn said. 
"n-no, I-I don't wan't go back home." I sobbed.
"I'll take you to the hotel," It sounded more like a question.
I nodded, and Zayn drove me to the hotel, while he hummed More Than This to me to make me feel better, I wondered why he picked that song, but I just tried to forget that thought. 
He picked me up, and cradled me in his arms as he made our way into the hotel and made our way up to the room. I still hadn't stopped crying, nothing could make me feel better. Zayn put on a movie and I just sat there on the couch until he came and sat next to me, he pulled me into my lap and cuddled me, I was still so upset but Zayn was making me feel better. Soon enough, I was drifted off to sleep. 

Zayn's P.O.V. 
I cradled Crystal in my arms until she fell asleep, how could Harry do that to her? she was so beautiful, I get that he was drunk, but that was no excuse. He should have thought about it before he left, she really loves him, and she trusted him. I guess I'd have to talk to him when he came home. 

Harry's P.O.V. 
"I'm never speaking to you again! Goodbye, Harry." Crystal said, as she ran down the hall. I saw Zayn run after to her. 
What have I done? 
"You have ruined absolutely everything for yourself, Harry." Brit said, with the coldest look in her eyes. 
"Don't ever talk to her again." Maddy said, slapping me across the face before walking off down the hallway with Brit. Ow.
I really have ruined everything. All the boys were pissed at me, and none of them have said a word to me all day, I left early and made my way back to the hotel we were staying at. While I was driving I was re thinking of things that I could of said, things that I could have done. I should have never have gone clubbing, I can't believe I stuffed up things for myself this bad. It's all my fault. 
I made my way through the hotel doors and got the key out to our hotel room, I made my way inside to see Crystal cuddled up on Zayn's lap sound asleep, I could tell she'd be crying a lot because of the mascara streaming down her face. At that point in time all I wanted to do was hold her and tell her how much I loved her, but I know that I couldn't. 
I looked down, and waited for Zayn to get up off the couch. He noticed me and took Crystal's to his bed and placed her down softly, and closed the door and left her to sleep. 
"You've really screwed up this time mate," Zayn said, I could see the coldness in his eyes. I couldn't reply, I just looked down. 
"How could you?" He said, I could tell he was trying to hold in his anger. 
"I-I d-don't know..." A tear escaped me eye, and made it's way down my cheek. I continued, "I love her, I really do Zayn, and I know you do too... I see the way you look at her." I admitted. 
Zayn looked down, I know he loved her. But I didn't know what to do. I hurt her, and I promised her that would never happen, and I broke that promise. 

Crystal's P.O.V. 
I woke up in someones bed, I realised it was Zayn's bed, and then it all came back to me as to why I was there, and the aching pain in my chest came back. Harry cheated on me. 
I heard Zayn and Harry talking right outside the door, 
"I love her, I really do Zayn, and I know you do too, I see the way you look at her." Zayn loved me? But how? All this time? I loved Harry, and Zayn was like a brother to me. This was all to much for one day, I didn't know what to do. 
I couldn't stop imagining Tash and Harry kissing, my heart felt like it was going to fall out of my chest. I few more tears rolled down my cheek, until I drifted off to sleep again. 

Crystal's P.O.V. 
Zayn dropped me at my house, and he gave me warm hug and kissed me on my fore head, just before I got out of the car I stopped myself. 
"Zayn, do you love me?" I said, looking down. 
"Of course I do." He said, looking into my eyes. 
"You know what I mean, Zayn." He looked down and bit his lip, he let out a sigh and just nodded. 
"I'm sorry, Zayn. But I love Harry, and it's always going to be Harry..." My voice trailed off. 
"He cheated on you, Crystal. How can you still love him after he did that to you?" Zayn said, sounding a bit annoyed now. 
"I don't know... I really don't. I just... I can't." I looked down again. 
"You can't what?" 
"It doesn't matter," I said, making my way out of his car. But he caught my arm, "Crystal.." He said. 
"Don't worry about me Zayn, I'll be fine. I just need some time, thank you for being there for me." And with that I made my way inside my house. 
I walked in, and no one was home. It's beginning to worry me that hardly anyone is ever home anymore. I tried to keep my mind off things so I decided to clean my room, then clean the kitchen, then clean the lounge room, then.. okay, so I ended up cleaning the whole house. But that still didn't keep my mind off anything, I was just about to text Brit and Maddy when someone knocked on my door. I quickly made my way over and opened it.
"Hello?" I said, looking at the two police officers standing on my door step.
"Are you Crystal Collins?" One of them asked.
"Yes?" I replied, trying not to sound to eager as to what they were getting at.
"My name is Detective Morgan and this is my assistant, Detective Kay. We would like to take you down to the station for a couple of hours to ask you a few questions, your Aunty is already down at the station. Is that all right?"
"Questioning? for what?" I asked, with confusion.
"Just come with us, Ms Collins."
They directed me to the cop car outside of my house, what was going on? why was I being brought in for questioning? as if this day couldn't get any worse, I just wanted to sleep until all of this was over.  

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