Little White Lies

After a terrible accident encountered with Crystal's parents causing death over the Summer holidays, Crystal has never been the same, but she tries to ignore it and get on with her life.
She's the most popular girl in school, she has a boyfriend Mitch, and her life is going great when he doesn't think about her parents.
What happens when she meets someone who totally turns her world upside down? read to find out!


13. Happy Birthday.

Max's P.O.V. (Step dad).
That little bitch thinks she can get the cops on me!? I already told her I'd kill everyone she'd ever love if she told anyone! and I might have killed her parents, but I didn't say I would stop.

Crystals P.O.V. 
I woke up in Harry's bed, expecting to be in his arms, but he wasn't there next to me. I smelt pancakes coming from down stairs and I already new that the boys were down there because I heard Niall scream, "PANCAKEESSSS!"while running up the stairs, and it sounded like he was coming towards Harry's roo- 
All the boys ran into the room and dived on the bed I was sleeping in, and attacked my with hugs, and they started singing Happy Birthday to me. (Yes, it's my birthday). After they finished singing it, Louis yelled, "IN BETWEENERS DANCE GO!" They started doing the dance and I almost died of laughter, and from happiness because these boys meant so much to me.
"Happy Birthday beautiful," Harry said, kissing me on the fore head.
I got instant butterflies again, and I blushed like crazy, "I make you blush a lot, don't I?" Harry said, laughing under his breath, "I could ask you the same question," I said winking at him. We made our way downstairs to have breakfast before school, and once we were done, we headed off to school. 
"Maddy, Brit!" I yelled, as they were walking down the hall. "CRRYYSSTTTAALLLL!" Brit screamed, running at me. Oh god. 
"HAPPPYYY BIRRTTHHHDDAAYYY!" they both screamed, and hugged me so tight I couldn't breath. 
"C...cant.. b-breathe..." I managed to choke out. 
"Oops, sorry." Maddy said letting me go. "We have Maths," Brit stated, as we started walking down the hall way past Tash hooking up with some random guy up against a locker. God, can't she give it a rest? 
"I might vomit," Maddy said under her breath. We all laughed until Brit spoke up, "Hey, look at this," She passed me a flier. 
"The talent show?" I asked. 
"Yep, you, me and Maddy are going on it," She stated. 
"For what?" I asked, confused. 
"We're going to sing? Duh," 
"You've always wanted to do this, but we've always missed our chance, so we're going to this year." Maddy said, 
"Aw, thank you guys, it means a lot," I said, hugging them. It's true, all of us have always wanted to go on the talent show, but we've always been unprepared or taken over by nerves. Not this time!
After Maths I had History with Harry, I made my way to History and sat down at my seat, soon enough Harry sat in the empty seat next to me. 
"Hey," I said, smiling at him, I continued, "I'm going on the talent show," I told him. "Really? that's great!" He said smiling at me, "On your own?" He asked. 
"Nope, with Maddy and Brit, we've always wanted to sing together, so we are." 
"I didn't know you guys were a girl band!" Harry said, shocked but enthusiastically. 
"We're not! we just sing together sometimes," I said, giggling. 
 "Have you ever thought about becoming one?"
"Well, not really. We wouldn't know where to start," I admitted. 
"Well I think the talent show is a great idea, I've never heard you sing before." 
"I don't like singing in front of people unless i'm with my best friends, I'm sure you can relate to that," I replied winking. 
The rest of History seemed like a blur because all Ms Bennet did was rant about World War 1 and The First Fleet. 
We made our way out and Louis was the first person I saw, 
"Hey lou," I said. 
"Hey, theres a surprise party for you at our hou-" 
"HEY LOU," Harry said, butting in, and glaring at Louis. 
"Oh.. a... um, surprise party for.. um, OUR CAT!"
"Louis, you guys don't have a cat," I replied. 
"Did I say cat? I meant Niall, it's... Niall's Birthday!" Louis said. 
"Right..." I let my voice trail off as I turned around to walk away. 

Louis P.O.V. 
"Did I say cat? I meant Niall, it's... Niall's Birthday!" I said, tripping over my words. 
"Right.." She replied, obviously knowing that something weird was up. 
"Smooth one, now she knows," Harry stated. 
"No she doesn't, now she thinks it's Niall's Birth-" I stopped, "Oh, oops." 

Crystal's P.O.V. 
Obviously it wasn't Niall's Birthday, I new that they were planning a 'surprise' party at their house for me, if only Harry stopped him sooner, oh well, not a surprise anymore! 
I met Maddy and Brit at lunch and told them what happened, and I think they almost died of laughter. 
An announcement came over the speaker, 
"Anyone wishing to perform in the school talent show auditions will be held second break today," 
Maddy and Brit ran up to me out of breath, "We don't.. have a-a song.." Brit said out of breath, 
"We could sing Wings?" I suggested.
"Yes! I have my guitar in the music room, and I know how to play it." Brit said, jumping up and down. 
"This is going to be so fun!" Maddy said, as we all made our way to our next class. 
This is going to be nerve wrecking. 

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