Little White Lies

After a terrible accident encountered with Crystal's parents causing death over the Summer holidays, Crystal has never been the same, but she tries to ignore it and get on with her life.
She's the most popular girl in school, she has a boyfriend Mitch, and her life is going great when he doesn't think about her parents.
What happens when she meets someone who totally turns her world upside down? read to find out!


21. A/N!

Hey guys, sorry for taking so long to update. :/ I've just been busy, and confused about how this is going to go on, if you guys could give me ideas that would be perfect haha.
I have a Kik now, so if any of you have any ideas please talk to me on there, its: 'Brrrit'
Thank you so much for reading and stuff, make sure you keep liking and favouriting please. <3 xx 

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