Love the way you die.

John is a normal guy , with a boring job and life. He's divorced and has two children.
He hate the thought of being unknown.
But one day he wacthes something on TV that will change his life forever.


2. Chapter 2


My kids come every weekend. It’s nice to see them again, but it’s also nice when they leave. I sometimes lock myself into my study and sit there, just to get some peace. I know it’s a terrible thing to say, but sometimes I just need to be alone.

My kids don’t know that I go in there to be alone; they think I’m working or something like that.

When Carol comes to pick them up, at Sunday, she ask me how it went and stuff like that. I smile and say that it has been good and that they have missed her. That is the kind of stuff she likes to hear.
First the kids cried when they were about to leave any of us. But later they didn’t do anything. They just hugged you goodbye and runs down to the car.

Carol got married a couple of months ago. With the man she left me for. His name is Frank. He’s a bit younger than her, and he looks like he stepped out of a movie or something like that.
I was invited to their wedding, and I came. But they thought that I would might bring someone. But it was just me. I could see in Carol’s eyes that she felt sorry for me. But it didn’t really matter; it was after all her that dumped me.

My life was very quiet. I went to work, was there for 5 hours, then I went home. At home I watched TV and read the paper. Then I would go to bed. It was the same every day, and I felt unknown.


Then one day my life changed…

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