Love the way you die.

John is a normal guy , with a boring job and life. He's divorced and has two children.
He hate the thought of being unknown.
But one day he wacthes something on TV that will change his life forever.


1. Chapter 1


My life has never been a piece of cake.
My mom died when I was two, and my dad never had time for me.     I don’t have any siblings, so my childhood was pretty lonesome.   The only one I could play with was my imaginary friend Ted.     But when I grew older Ted disappeared, and I was alone again.

My whole life I had no friends and no life. In school I was the geek who always made his homework and the others homework too.    I sometimes got some money out of it, but if I asked about money, I would get beat up by some of the big guys.

After school and college I got a job in a bank, and a girlfriend. Her name was Carol, and was about my own age. She had big brown eyes and blond curly hair. She was beautiful.

We lived in a small apartment, in New York. It didn’t matter that the apartment wasn’t big, it was nice. We were about 20 years old when we got married.

Later, when we got older we moved to a house outside the city, to settle down. Carol dreamed about having kids. Two she said. I just smiled at her and said alright.
But we got two kids. Twins. Luke and Lucca. She was so happy, and I was of course also happy. But I wasn’t as happy as her.

I still worked in the bank, and was like any other dad and husband. It was not the most exiting job but it got food on the table.
Carol worked as a secretary in an office building.


When we were in the late thirties, we split. She had found a new one, and didn’t love me anymore. We had some big fights, and she often said that I was an asshole, and that she hated me.
Often when she said that I would walk away, not because I was hurt, no, because I didn’t want to hit her.

The kids were of course sad about it. And one time they overheard one of our fights.

After we split I moved back to the city. I had the feeling of being loved and unloved at the same time…

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