Forever will never last

When 19 year old Charlotte gets invited to a college reunion by Danielle Peazer, Liam Payne's girlfriend, she meets five amazing boys. ONE DIRECTION. She loves all of them, but one particular guy stands out to her. He's funny, charming, caring and adorable...
Who has she fallen for? What happens when a terrible secret is revealed? And will there be a happy ending?


2. Sleepover


I stood there in shock. Danielle Peazer, as in Liam Payne's girlfriend?

"Oh wow! Hi... Are you here to order?" I said excitedly. She laughed.

"Haha no, I was told you worked here by a friend, i just wanted to ask if you wanted to come to my college reunion?" She giggled. Wow! I had totally forgotten i went to college with Dani!

"Sure! When is it?" I asked.

"This Saturday," she said "sorry for the short notice but hardly anyone could make the original date."

"That's fine! I'll see you there." I said. We exchanged numbers then i waved her goodbye.


I was at Ellie's house with Laura. We'd just started unpacking our stuff when Laura piped up.

"Have you guys been invited to Dani's reunion?" she asked.

"Yeah!" me and ellie said at the same time."I can't believe it! What if the boys are there?" Laura gave me a puzzled look. "The boys, Laura? As in their highnesses one direction? You never know, Niall might suddenly fall for you!" Laura smiled.

"Yeah right!" she grinned.

"And you, Ellie, maybe Harry will notice you?" i said and ellie rolled her eyes.

"Yeah, sure Charlie. One of the most famous guys EVER is TOTALLY gonna fall for me!" she said.

"Is that? No it can't be... Was that SARCASM I heard?" i said and we burst into giggles.

"Who knows, Niall could fall for me, Harry could fall for Ellie and Louis could fall for Charlie!" Laura said. I blushed as Louis' name was mentioned. He was so perfect, yet so famous ... Why woupd he love me? A normal, average girl. I wasn't thin like Ellie and i wasn't pretty like Laura. Thinking of these things made my face fall.

"You ok Charlie?" laura said, looking concerned.

"Yeah, I'm ummm... A bit tired thats all. I'm going to sleep now, see you in the morning" i wearily said and i crawled into my sleeping bag.

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