Forever will never last

When 19 year old Charlotte gets invited to a college reunion by Danielle Peazer, Liam Payne's girlfriend, she meets five amazing boys. ONE DIRECTION. She loves all of them, but one particular guy stands out to her. He's funny, charming, caring and adorable...
Who has she fallen for? What happens when a terrible secret is revealed? And will there be a happy ending?


1. An invitation



I woke up to the familiar ringing of my alarm. I glanced at the clock.
"Sugar!" I exclaimed as I saw the time, it was already 7! If I was late for work again I'd lose my job! I dashed out of bed and quickly changed into my ripped denim shorts and one direction t-shirt. I slipped on my purple flats and put on a bit of mascara. As i left the flat i picked up my iphone and glanced at myself in the mirror, groaning as i saw my messy, brown hair. I'd have to sort that out on the way to the café where I worked.

As I walked out the door i fixed my hair into a messy bun and unlocked my phone. I had a text from one of my bezzies Ellie telling me about her new boyfriend. I smiled, Ellie hadn't had that special someone in ages and i felt really happy for her. I texted her back.

Me: awww good 4 u babez! <3<3 heading 2 work now but see u l8r? X

Only seconds after I sent it I got a text back.

Elliexx<3: sure! <3 x

We were going to meet at her house later for a girls only sleepover, just me, Ellie and my other bezzie Laura.
Wrapped up in my many thoughts about tonight I didn't realize I had reached the café until my collegue Mark called my name.

"Earth to Charlotte! You gonna come back from la la land?" he said with a friendly grin. I smiled and walked up to him, grabbing him into a hug.

"I'm guessing I'm not fired then?" i asked with a smile.

"Well, I guess not, as mr. Grumpy hasn't appeared yelling at you" he grinned. We walked over to the tills and started serving customers.
5 hours later, my shift was nearly over. Mark had left at 12, waving to me as he left in his car. Now I was working on my own, waiting for the clock to hit 1. As i watched the clock I noticed a girl about my age walk in, she had frizzy brown hair and looked beautiful. I recognized her from somewhere but I wasn't sure where. She walked up to me with a warm smile.

"Hi, are you Charlotte Lillie?" she said.

"Yeah" I smiled.

"Hello Charlotte, I'm Danielle Peazer."
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