Best Friends or True Love

You and Harry have known each other for a long time, but ever since Harry tried out for X-Factor you have began to drift appart, you began getting more exited when he got in a band called One Direction, It has been 4 months now and you and Harry a best friends like before. Harry has a crush on but will the other members steal your heart.

(Y/N) = Your Name
(P.O.V) = the Characters point of view.


10. Party 2

Nialls P.O.V

Me and (Y.N) got more drinks, we kept drinking to we were completely drunk, then we head for the dance floor we had so much fun... We at least I hope (Y.N) was having fun but it sure looked like she was. After and hours worth of dancing and I checked the time 11pm, I told (Y.N) it was getting late and that we should head home and she agreed, we jumped into the taxi and after what felt like for ever we finally arrived at our hotel, we stumbled through the doors and we saw The boys, Eleanor and Danielle they were at the bar.

"Oiii Bradford bad boy" yelled (Y.N)
"Shhhh don't let them hear us, I want you all to myself" I said
"Oh, hey (Y.N) and Niall it looked like you to had fun" said Liam as he was walking over to us
"For sure, now me and (Y.N) are going to have some alone time so... We will be off now" I slurred
"We'll Niall at least let me make sure you guys will get to your rooms safely" said Liam
"Ohhhh... All right you worry wort" I said cheekily

We made it to the floor that we were on, I decided to pick up (Y.N) bridal style and walk her to the room we had almost made it the when I tripped over and feel.

Your P.O.V

Ouch shit thanks Niall you dropped, as much as it sound stupid I loved that Niall dropped me because he landed directly on me, I could feel him breathing, this was the moment I would kiss Niall... We began to close our eyes and as we were just about to kiss...
"Okay guys, time to up and off you to go to bed" said Danielle ever so sweetly
"Ohhhh yeah of course" slurred Niall

We made out way to the bedroom we stumbled over of a couple things and made it to the bed, Niall took his shoes off as well as his shirt and pants so that all he was left in was his underwear Kelvin Klein I remember, I then took off my dress and shoes, so that all I was left in was my bra and underwear, Niall got on the bed and laid down, I then hoped on the bed and decided to lay just under his arm...
I began to fall asleep I has used all of my energy up on the party and now it was my time to rest.
"Oi (Y.N)?"
"Yes Niall?"
"I you" he stuttered
"I love you to Niall"
"No (Y.N), like I really love you, not as a friend more than that" he said
"Prove it" I said
And with those to words I could feel Niall get on top of me, we were so close to kissing I could feel him breathing on me and the smell of alcohol in his mouth, we could almost feel our lips touch when...
"HEY, are you to asleep yet?" Yelled Louis
"Fuck you Louis, ahh" I said yet again we were about to kiss but no! Louis just had to bargain in didn't he.

Louis P.O.V

"Relax (Y.N) I was only checking on use!"
"There is a door use it" she yelled
"Fine, I will" I said as I walked out and slammed the door behind me

I walked down the hall and entered me and El's bedroom
"Is everything alright babe?" She asked sounding slightly worried
"Yeah, I just got a little angry that's all, it's me and you know lets just have our fun!" I said as I winked at her

Liam's P.O.V

Me and Danielle were getting ready for bed, we were pretty tired so that wasn't really much of a choice. I asked her if she wanted to have a bit of fun but she just acted like I didn't say anything, Danielle was acting really strange I had to get the bottom of it but not tonight tomorrow when it was a new day.

Harry's P.O.V

Me and Zayn were sharing a room which was cool with me he looked a little agitated probably cause he was trying to sleep but I kept talking to him
"I just can't believe it they almost kissed"
"We can talk about it tomorrow" said Zayn
"But he doesn't even like her"
"Harry can we please just sleep, I'm tired and I'm sure you are to so let's just sleep"
"He better not be her first" I said sounding worried
"Okay, okay fine GOOD NIGHT!" I replied
"Thank you and good night" replied Zayn
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