Best Friends or True Love

You and Harry have known each other for a long time, but ever since Harry tried out for X-Factor you have began to drift appart, you began getting more exited when he got in a band called One Direction, It has been 4 months now and you and Harry a best friends like before. Harry has a crush on but will the other members steal your heart.

(Y/N) = Your Name
(P.O.V) = the Characters point of view.


11. Morning

Liam's P.O.V

I woke up to a loud beeping sound, I thought it was my phone at first but it wasn't it was Danielle's, I got up and walked around the bed and got her phone. We didn't care that we would read each others message, I liked it cause it shows that we are honest and we truly care for each other, I opened the message and what I read was something I couldn't believe...

Hey babe,
How's the free trip to Australia, I can't wait to see you!! How's that wimp arse boyfriend of yours? I hope you two aren't have sex!! ;) when will you dump him and tell him that you found someone better!! Haha call me when you get this.

Love your babe Richard xox

I was in complete shock, how could she do this to me, and to that I brought her to Australia because I was going to purpose to her!! I can't do this anymore, I put so pants on and a sweater, and left to go to my only close friends Niall and (Y.N).

Niall P.O.V

I woke up suddenly to a loud knocking noise, I looked down to see (Y.N) sleeping so peacefully, I slithered my way out and walked to the door, as I opened it I saw Liam, his eyes were all read it looked like he had been crying.
"Liam! Lad what's wrong come in"
"She's cheating on me Niall, this whole time she had been cheating on me" said Liam as he was crying
"How can you be so sure?"
"This morning I woke up, because her phone buzzed and I went to answer it and... It was another guy saying that he can't wait to see her and she was going to dump me to day" said Liam as he bursted into tears "and to think I was going to purpose to her"
"Oh mate, it will be okay! We will all be here to support you"
"Niall what do I do I can't even go back to bed"
"Okay Liam, go back and get your trunks we will go to the beach"
"Okay, thank you Niall"

Liam left the room to go get ready, I looked over to (Y.N) fast asleep I didn't want to wake her so I just left her a note, because I didn't know how long we were going to be gone for.

1 hour later

Your P.O.V

I woke up and looked at the clock 10am, I had a splitting headache, I turned to see if Niall was still asleep but he had gone and all that was left was a not on his pillow...

Morning beautiful,
I had to leave because Liam is very upset, I will be back soon call when you read this and maybe we can have breakfast if you feel up to it

Love Niall xx

Ohhh how sweet, but I wonder why Liam was upset? I got up and had a shower I put my make up on and shorts and a t shirt, I grabbed my phone and called Niall.

Hey babe it's (Y.N)
Oh hi beautiful, how are you?
I have the biggest headache but I will be fine!
Ohh I wish I was there, I have a bit of a headache as well
Where are you" I asked
I'm just at the beach with Liam, we will be at the hotel soon, we can have breakfast in bed, and I also need to ask you something!
Okay, bye babe love you
Love you too" replied Niall

I sound like an arse but I can't wait for breakfast, I will just have to go down to the lobby maybe Zayn or Harry might want to come and get breakfast with me?
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