Best Friends or True Love

You and Harry have known each other for a long time, but ever since Harry tried out for X-Factor you have began to drift appart, you began getting more exited when he got in a band called One Direction, It has been 4 months now and you and Harry a best friends like before. Harry has a crush on but will the other members steal your heart.

(Y/N) = Your Name
(P.O.V) = the Characters point of view.


18. Awkward

Your P.O.V

I got back to the hotel and I saw everyone at the cafe, They all looked and waved but I stormed past them and said nothing. I ran up the stairs and ran into the bedroom.

I just can't believe this Niall, Zayn and Harry all like but I can't just date them all. I had a plan I was going to leave... No I can't do that!! ahhh shit I was stuck in a Love Triangle. I had know idea what to do.

I heard a loud banging noise

"Babe, LET ME IN!" yelled Niall

"No, leave me alone!"

Niall continued to bang on the door until I heard him put his back against the door and slide down.

"Please Babe, was it Harry? Tell me what happen?"

"He loves me Niall! He told me that he loved me! I told him that I don't because I'm in love with You! I love you"

"Everything is going to be okay?" he said sounding worried "Just open the door please!"

I got up and unlocked the door, he got up and ran to me 

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