Best Friends or True Love

You and Harry have known each other for a long time, but ever since Harry tried out for X-Factor you have began to drift appart, you began getting more exited when he got in a band called One Direction, It has been 4 months now and you and Harry a best friends like before. Harry has a crush on but will the other members steal your heart.

(Y/N) = Your Name
(P.O.V) = the Characters point of view.


7. Australia


~We are about to arrive in Sydney, Australia,  if everyone can buckle up there seat belts, as we are going to be landing very soon~


We landed at Sydney airport, WOW Australia was beautiful, but it was so hot! I couldn’t wait to get into the water. We made our way to the car park so that we could get (Y/N) to the ambulance, her nose was vey bruised which meant that she had broken it.


Your P.O.V


 The paramedics checked my nose, they said it was defiantly broken they taped up my nose. After I got my nose taped, the paramedics told me that I had to take some Nurofen if the pain got worse we headed to the black car and jumped in. I found out that my car buddie was Zayn, thank god it wasn’t Harry, the car started to drive to out hotel.

“How are you feeling (Y/N)?” said Zayn

“Much better, how are you?”

“I feel terrible, because of what happened to you!”

“Zayn, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it because it wasn’t your fault, it was Harry’s he shouldn’t of tired to punch you!”

“I shouldn’t have said that I kissed you, the kiss didn’t mean anything any way!”

“Zayn… be really honest with me, did that kiss really mean anything? Because we started to kiss harder after a couple of seconds.”

“(Y/N), to be really honest with you…. Yes I think it did mean something, maybe my mind is to scared to admit it but I think I may have a little crush on you.” Zayn said “What about you?”

“Um… yeah maybe it did mean something.” I said in return


We sat incomplete silence until, my phone rang, and it was my mum I forgot to call her to let her know that I arrived in Australia. After the long phone call we finally arrived at our hotel. We quickly hoped into the hotel, I went straight into my hotel room and decided to get changed out of my bloody clothes. I finish getting changed and decided that I was going to go swim in the pool. I got changed out of my t-shirt and jeans, I put on my bikini which were a navy blue colour, I put on my dress and sandals and I grabbed my towel and sunglass. I walked out of the hotel room.


“(Y/N)! (Y/N)!” said a familiar voice

“What do you want Harry?”

“Are you okay?”

“No Harry I’m not I couldn’t wait to come to Australia, to be able to have fun and look great, but thanks to you I have a bruised nose, which is also broken! Anything else you would like to know?”

“Um… actually YES we are going to go on the boat so we can go for a swim in the ocean and Lux needs to be looked after, can you look after her for us?”

“Yes, since I adore Lux very much, I will do it but it is only for my own benefit! How long will you guys be?”

“About 2 hours, is that okay?”

“Yeah, what ever I will be down by the pool, bring Lux to me”

“Okay sure”


I continued walking I decided that I was going to swim in the outdoor pool since it was nice and sunny, I applied the sunscreen on and wait at a table for the boys to bring Lux.


“Here you go,” said Niall

“Thanks, I hope you guys have fun! Be safe and don’t get yourselves in to much trouble.” I said in return

“Okay mum” said Niall as a joke “Bye (Y/N)”

“Bye Niall”


Niall walked off, Lux was in her little swimsuit with a little sun hat. I applied some sunscreen to her face, arms and legs. I hoped in to the pool with her. I held her hands and pulled her along the water, I was walking backwards so that I could see her. I continued play with Lux for a while and I thought it was time to go. We got out of the water and I dried Lux as much as I could and began to walk back into out hotel when she started to cry. I hugged her, dried her more and rocked her in my arms but she still didn’t stop crying. 

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