Best Friends or True Love

You and Harry have known each other for a long time, but ever since Harry tried out for X-Factor you have began to drift appart, you began getting more exited when he got in a band called One Direction, It has been 4 months now and you and Harry a best friends like before. Harry has a crush on but will the other members steal your heart.

(Y/N) = Your Name
(P.O.V) = the Characters point of view.


8. Alex

I was on the brink of madness when a gorgeous young boy came up to me he looked about 18 good cause I was seventeen.

“Hi, I’m Alex”

“Hi (Y/N)”

“Nice to meet you, you seem to be having a bit of trouble with your baby”

“Oh… um she’s not my baby I’m just looking after her while a couple of my friends are out.”

“Here, let me help you out”


He grabbed Lux out of my hands and walked over to the bar. He came back with some juice, Lux started to drink it and once she had enough she stoped crying.


“Thank you so much, now I know what I have to do when she starts crying again”

“Not a problem, do you need any more help?”

“Actually would you be able to come up to my room, and look after Lux while I quickly get changed?”

“Yeah sure”


You and Alex walked over to the elevator with Lux in your arms you arrived to your floor and went into your room, you told Alex to stay in the lounge room, while you quickly got changed. You walked out to see Alex putting Lux asleep in your bed. You ask Alex if he would like to have a drink. You decided to put on a movie; you and Alex began to relax. We ended up watching transformers revenge of the fallen, I decided move next to Alex cause he looked kind of awkward. The movie had finished and the boys still weren’t back so me and Alex decided to go out for dinner, we planned to go out at 6pm so that gave him time to go to his room and get changed and the same for me.


Niall’s P.O.V


We got back to our rooms I had to go to (Y/N)’s room to pick up Lux and give her to Zayn for his turn to babysit her, I decided that I was going to ask (Y/N) to come down to the beach for the party.


“Hey (Y/N)… WOW you look beautiful!”

“Oh Niall, thank you I’m just off to dinner with Alex”

“Who’s Alex?”

“Just a friend I met today at the pool”

“What time will you get back, cause I want to take you out to a beach party?”

“Oh, I’m not sure maybe 7, 7:30 what time is the party?”

“Its all night, so we come back here when ever we want” I said, (Y/N) began to think she looked like she wanted to go.

“Deal I will meet you here at 8 so I can have a quick shower and get changed”

“Okay, bye (Y/N)” I said as I grabbed Lux





Your P.O.V


“Thank you Alex, it was a great night”

“Not a problem, we have to catch up again… Maybe we can go to the party at the beach tonight?”

“No sorry, I’m going to a party tonight with another friend… sorry”

“It’s fine, I will see you around. Bye”

“Bye Alex” I said and then kissed him on the cheek

I got changed and decided to have a shower. I put on my green dress with a lace back, I reapplied my make-up and add some jewellery and by then it was 8pm


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