Jack and the Blood Sucking Beast

It is all made up by myself it has spooky atmosphere and in the end people get killed it is exciting, crazy and full of imagination.


1. Jack and the Blood Sucking Beast

One stormy night Jack was walking home from school with his best mates Charlie, Zac and George. He was 2mins away from home now, his friends had all gone in different directions back to their houses, when Jack heard a noise.

    It was sort of a growling noise he looked behind him and saw a wild red eyed beast with blood drooling drown its mouth.  Jack said “Nice Doggy, Good boy, nice doggy.” And he started to run.

      It was chasing after him now and Jack was right by his house he ran in locked and bolted the door and looked through the post box, luckily it had gone as far as he knew!

      A couple of hours later he ran to the windows and looked outside but there was still no sign of the beast. He walked into his room and saw blood dripping off his table, bed and window ledge with a dead cat on the window sill, "No not Shadow"Jack screamed "he must have got in." 

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