Little Book of Chat Up Lines

Little Book Of Chat Up lines.....


94. Talk Nerdy To Me

1. You must be an auxin, as my stem is rapidly growing.

2. It's not the length of the vector that counts, it's how you apply the force.

3. If my right leg is the cell wall and my left leg is the membrane, do you want to be the cytoplasm.

4. If we form a singularity, it could lead to a big bang.

5. How about I add some RAM to your motherboard.

6. You defy Newton's laws, as you make me stop in my tracks with just a look.

7. I wish my name was Y, as I could intercept your slope.

8. The steeper the thrust, the higher the orogenies.

9. I bet my fiscal stimulus can get a rise outta your GDP.

10. Your goods can shift my production functions anytime.

11. If you were called Eurasia and I was called India you'd feel the sudden craggy upthrust of a new mountain range.

12. Let's make the bedrock after subduction leads to orogeny.

13. You're so hot you denature my proteins.

14. I think you just activated my production of nitric acid.

15. Hi, I'm a charmed quark. If you be my antiparticle we could make a meason together.

16. Our love should be like pi. Irrational and never-ending.

17. Newton's law of Universal Gravitation says you're attracted to me.

18. Scientists do it periodically on the table.

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