As Long As He Loves Me

"As long as you love me"

I was bored so I had a go at the Justin Bieber fan fiction competition!

Please read and tell me what you think. :)


2. The Abduction

Justins P.O.V

I'm stood at the gate thinking 'as long as she loves me' I will do anything to be with her. Her dad won't get in my way. I leave and come back when it's getting dark. Like a ninja I sneak past all the house cameras. I get to her house and climb up the archway by her window. I knock on her window. She jumps off her bed. She is really happy to see me. She opens the window and sneaks out with me. We get past the cameras. Were now in my car and lights off driving slowly away. I know this was a stupid idea abducting her. But I love her. As I said, I will do anything to be with her and keep our relationship going.

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