As Long As He Loves Me

"As long as you love me"

I was bored so I had a go at the Justin Bieber fan fiction competition!

Please read and tell me what you think. :)


4. In The Car

Justin soon returned as he said he would. I was still sat on the bed. The note open but still grasped tightly in my hand. He took my free hand and lead me out of the Motel. His words were "it's not safe here, this is the first place your dad will look. We have to keep moving in the car. Just a little further". I did not reply. I just nodded to show I agreed with him. Even though I was biting my lip. Some how thinking this was wrong. What if my dad does find me. He would definitely kill Justin. It would be all my fault as well. I haulted at the car. Justin looked at me and said "what's wrong?" I thought what I was about to say was stupid and so I just said I was fine and got into the car. I've already ran away. If we stay put my dad will find us. Justin is right. We have to keep moving.

Justin could see I was worried about what might happen to us so he said in an heroic tone "Don't worry. I'll be your soldier. For you I would be fighting every second of the day. I won't give up that easy girl". This made me smile. But my nerves were still on edge. All I could think of was my dad and what he will do if he finds us. It makes me sick to the stomach. Yet more nerves wash over me.

The next thing I know I'm crying again. Justin puts a hand on my knee and says "come on don't be sad. I'm here. So don't stress and don't cry". He then gave a smile and said "think of happy thoughts like the fact that when your with me we don't need no wings to fly. All you need to do is take my hand". He held his hand out and I held onto it tightly as he steered with the other.

I realized I was still holding the note in my other hand. I looked at it. Reading through it once more.

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