As Long As He Loves Me

"As long as you love me"

I was bored so I had a go at the Justin Bieber fan fiction competition!

Please read and tell me what you think. :)


1. As Long As You Love Me

I'm sat there. Leaning against my bedroom wall by the bed. My face buried in my hands on my legs. I feel so isolated. I don't now what to do. My phone keeps ringing, but if I answer it I would only put my loves life at risk. My dad is doing everything to tear my relationship apart.The phone keeps on ringing. The song 'as long as you love me' comes on my radio. I quickly get up and turn it off as I fall on my bed in tears. I hear the door bell buzzing from downstairs. I look out my window to see Justin. I want to go down and see him but my dad has locked my bedroom door. I see my dad come out and take him by the arm leading him back out the garden gate. They are having  an argument about me. I can't make it out. My dad leaves to go back in the house as Justin looks up to my window. He says a few words, I read his lips as clear as daylight. "As Long As You Love Me". I walk away from the window and say a silent whisper to myself "as long as he loves me".

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