As Long As He Loves Me

"As long as you love me"

I was bored so I had a go at the Justin Bieber fan fiction competition!

Please read and tell me what you think. :)


5. A Call From A Friend

Justins phone rang and he answered it. It instantly went to speaker phone so I could hear it all. The sound was coming through the cars speakers. The music that was playing had stopped so Justin could hear the person who rung him.

Justin said "hello. Who is it?"

A deep manly voice said "Hey dog, it's your best mate Sean. You know Big Sean. Yo man where you been at all this time?"

Justin replied with "I been saughting out some personal matters".

Big Sean then said in a childish way "It's that girl isn't it. The one your always telling me about. Is she with you now in the car?"

Justin nervously said "uh yeah, why?"

Big Sean ignored Justin and began talking to me "hey girl, as you probably heard from my word. Justin is always talking about you. He say things like Yo B-I-G there's this girl I can't stop thinking bout! Now I don't now if this makes sense, but to you it might. He says your my hallelujah. He say give me a time and place, and I'll rendezvous, and I'll fly it to it. He will do anything to be with you 24/7. Girl you listening to all I'm saying?"

I jolted as he asked me this "uh yeah" I replied quickly.

Big Sean continued his long speech. "As I was saying. He says he always got your back. Won't let nothing happen to you or get in the way. He say he can't spell a couple of things without u. Probably words like LOVE! Am I right Justin?"

Justin looked embarrassed at me then replied with a shutter "uh yeah, very funny!"

Big Sean ignored Justin's reply and kept going on and on. "well anyways when he with you he feel like he on top of the world. Cause that's just what he do. He used to tell me sky's the limit but now the sky's his point of view. He say that when he step out on the streets. People got there cameras and are like 'whoa'. But not to him cuz those cameras point and shoot. These people with cameras ask him what's his best side. He say he stand back and point at you girl. He say you both argue and he once feel like he need  new girl to be bothered with. But the grass ain't always greener on the other side. He say it's green where you water it. He water it where you at! He say you and him got issues, this may be true but he say he rather work on this with you, than go ahead and start with someone new. His last words to me before he leaves to get you. I hears him mumble under his breath. The words 'as long as you love me'. He like you girl!"

My heart skipped a beat when he said 'as long as you love me'. Me and Justin said it out loud in time with one another. We kissed briefly before he concentrated on the road again.

When Justin cut off the phone line after saying bye I turned to him and said "did you really say all that to him?

Justin replied with "well yeah".

I then said with hope caught in my chest "and did you really mean all that?"

He looked at me for a second, then looked back at the road saying "of course I did, you know I mean every word. I love you".

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