The Tommo and I

This is a fan fic about me and Louis of one direction (I fully support him and El i just wanted to make a fan fic about me and him) he just suffered a major break-up and me well i just suffer from to much what will happen and a skydiving expedition.....

And the girl in the picture is my BEAUTIFUL little sister journey who is currently 3 years old


3. The girl from the dream

       Louis's POV


             I was on my way to this skydiving place and the weather was perfect. This was unusual for London it was either hazy or raining but today was the occasional sunny day. I love the country side it’s so peaceful and beautiful. In the city it’s always so busy and everything seems so crazy and hectic.


            I finally arrived to the place and I was late so I hurried inside. He was in the middle of talking to, I'm guessing the other diver, about how we were going to be jumping.


“I'm so sorry I'm late thank you for waiting” I said looking at the instructor then I saw her. The girl from my dream last night. And let me say she is even more beautiful in person.


“Hi I'm Louis.” I said trying not to stutter or make a fool of myself.


“I know who you are” she said with a little sass in her voice. I raised my eyebrow at her.


“I’m so sorry I probably sound like a creeper, anyway I'm Heidi. It’s really nice to meet you Louis” she said while her cheeks turned tomato red. I was trying not to laugh at her embarrassment. I totally forgot about Eleanor. Until I realized Heidi and her would probably be best friends. They were so much alike but I don’t even know Heidi yet. But I am going to find out more I need to.


“So who’s ready to jump out of a plane?” the instructor said and with that we were climbing aboard the plane just to jump out of.

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