The Tommo and I

This is a fan fic about me and Louis of one direction (I fully support him and El i just wanted to make a fan fic about me and him) he just suffered a major break-up and me well i just suffer from to much what will happen and a skydiving expedition.....

And the girl in the picture is my BEAUTIFUL little sister journey who is currently 3 years old


4. The big jump

                  Heidi's POV


             So here I am in a plane about to jump out of a plane with Louis Tomlinson. He was just staring outside of the window and occasionally glancing at me. What is he looking at? I’m nothing special, plus he has Eleanor. She is Beautiful and totally amazing for him.


“So have you ever been skydiving before?” I said trying to break the ice with Louis.


“Nope first time!” He said excitingly.


“Same here. Though I'm kind of nervous” I said a little unsure of what I was doing here.


“Eh don’t be its just your mom’s voice telling you not to do it.” I cringed at the word of my mother. He seemed to notice it too.


“Sorry…” he added quickly


“It’s okay just a bad memory. Its nothing.” I said glancing up. Accidently looking into his eyes. I quickly looked at my face and blushed.


“Are you sure because it doesn’t sound like nothing” he said a little matter of factly.


“It’s kind of personal…sorry” I mumbled


“It’s okay love we all have things we keep to ourselves, but remember the things that happen to us sometimes make us stronger.” He said staring right into my soul with his big blue green eyes. Just by the way he was looking at me I could tell he cared. I could feel he was hiding something.


“So what about you Mr. Tomlinson? What do you hide behind those big blue eyes?”


“Oh so when it come to me, Louis Tomlinson from one direction, I'm supposed to reveal all?” he said with a big cheeky grin.


“Oh yes I want all the juicy details, to tell all my friends, oh wait I don’t have any yet” I said just as cheekily


“Oh we got smartass over here.”


“Oh be quiet Tomlinson.” I said lightly shoving him in the arm. We were joking around when the instructor told us we were getting ready to jump.


“Louis I don’t know if I can do this?” I said very wearily


“You will be fine, Trust me” he said sticking out his hand for me. I took it and it just felt right like everything just fit me and him together. We were approaching the hatch where we were going to jump. We were handed our parachutes and the instructor put on some camera so we could see the dive when we were done. He opened up the hatch and yelled out to us


“Are you guys ready to jump” I looked over at Louis who still had my hand inside of his. Before I could say anything Louis yelled to him


“Let do this poo” and with that we jumped.


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