The Tommo and I

This is a fan fic about me and Louis of one direction (I fully support him and El i just wanted to make a fan fic about me and him) he just suffered a major break-up and me well i just suffer from to much what will happen and a skydiving expedition.....

And the girl in the picture is my BEAUTIFUL little sister journey who is currently 3 years old


6. Free falling

Heidi's POV


So there I was free falling back down to earth with Louis and all I could think about was my mom and sister the people I left behind. The people who didn’t care the people who made fun of me and a daily basis for being the only “girly girl” in my family. This was about starting over and that’s what I was here to do/ I'm not going to let anyone define me. I am who I am and that’s why I left America to come to England.

            I looked over at Louis noticing his smile didn’t really seem genuine like all the other times I had seen them in the photos of him when I was younger. In my full out directioner days when I would spend every waking moment dreaming for something like this and now that it was happening it just didn’t seem right. It was missing something and I just couldn’t figure it out.

            I was really glad that Louis had made me jump I felt all my worries and pain lift off my shoulders from my past and know I just smiled. I smiled like I hadn’t in years it was happy and genuine and real. I just wish Louis’ was too.




A/N* hey guys I'm soo sorry it’s so short but I don’t really know if I am going to continue with this book. I have a really good idea of where I want this book to go but at the moment I don’t know how I'm going to get it there but I am working on it and by the way I am working on a new movella it’s a niall fanfic and it’s a little bit edgier then what I would normally do. I am going to put the prologue up for it later tonight so stay tuned for “Summer 09’’ i really want to know if i should continue with this book please help me out guys and start commenting because i would really apreciate it :) love ya :)

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