The Tommo and I

This is a fan fic about me and Louis of one direction (I fully support him and El i just wanted to make a fan fic about me and him) he just suffered a major break-up and me well i just suffer from to much what will happen and a skydiving expedition.....

And the girl in the picture is my BEAUTIFUL little sister journey who is currently 3 years old


5. A/N

Hey thank you so much for reading this it means the world to me and i really wanna hear what you have to say about it. :) i really hope you like it. oh and the cover is going to make a whole lot more sense when we get further into the book. so if you have any ideas that you think would be cool comment them below and i would   greatly appreciate it. again thank you for reading this and sorry the chapters are kinda short but they are just the beginning and there isn't much detail yet but there will be soon so tell me what you think!

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