The Tommo and I

This is a fan fic about me and Louis of one direction (I fully support him and El i just wanted to make a fan fic about me and him) he just suffered a major break-up and me well i just suffer from to much what will happen and a skydiving expedition.....

And the girl in the picture is my BEAUTIFUL little sister journey who is currently 3 years old


1. Flight partner

            Heidi's POV


            Today is the day I finally get to go skydiving. I am so pumped I have been waiting forever to be able to do this. The freedom of it all I can’t wait and take the risk. I just recently moved to England from the states so I didn’t have any friends yet and this could be a good opportunity to make some new ones. I mean if you can’t bond over jumping out of a plane with someone then you shouldn’t be friends. So here I am at the place just me and one other person is supposed to be diving with us and he’s late so we are just waiting for him. The guy explained about how it worked and I started to get nervous a little but that always happened before I did something crazy.

“I’m so sorry I'm late thank you for a waiting” a familiar voice said.

“It is okay Mr. Tomlinson their is only you two jumping today.” Said the instructor. Great so I'm jumping out with the Louis Tomlinson from one direction that I used to obsess over. So now my nerves are at a 9.9. Wow he is even hotter in person I mean his eyes are gorgeous. He looked over at me and smiled his gorgeous smile.

“Hello I'm Louis”

“Oh I know who you are” I said accidently letting it slip from my mouth.

“I’m so sorry I probably sound like a creeper, anyway I'm Heidi. It’s really nice to meet you Louis” I said hoping to recover from the totally embarrassing moment.

“So who is ready to jump out of a plane?” the instructor asked

“I was born ready” I said looking over at Louis to see his reaction. He was looking down at his feet it looked like something was wrong.

“Alright let’s get this show on the road” and with that we boarded the plane and were off to go back down again.

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