Him and I, I and Him

Forgot I hadn't published this, t'was meant to be for Halloween. But hey ho, here it is. :D


1. Him and I, I and Him


I turn, but he's still there,

The same eyes, hair, smile, and nose,

Like a mirror image, except he's not.

He is not me, and I refuse to believe so.

He is the devil, a monster,

An unfortunate doppelgänger,

Beelzebub, the lord of the flies, himself,

Disguised in the most malicious of manners,

As a human boy, me, innocent in every way.

For I was harmless, kind, and loving,

But it came looking for me,

And it would not rest until it caught me.

I ran, and I ran, and I ran,

Until all but my sanity was left,

But it was too fast,

Too cunning,

And too patient,

Where I wasn't.

And so it came for me,

And boy did it come for me when it did,

A moving, ever-smiling, personification of death,

Twisting and snarling erratically,

On a dark Hallows' Eve.

He finally caught up,

I was engulfed in a gloomy oblivion,

Forever enslaved to Satan himself,

And here I lie still,

Watching, and waiting,

For I will pass here soon,

Young, and ignorant,

To this torturous cycle that is our lives.

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