Painful love

Christina (Crissy) Jones is a senior in high school. She rules West Beverly, every boy wants her and every girl wants to be her. She owns her life and doesn't have a care in the world, until five new boys come to her school and shake up her whole world. Crissy's never known what it's like to be in love, but she starts to understand the pain that comes with it.


15. Past

Crissy's POV

    I decided to tell them. This was going to be hard because it was my first time ever telling anyone. 

     "Last year my dad died of cancer and I felt lost. I started doing drugs and stuff. Then I met Michael and he helped me turn my life around. I started getting good grades, stopped using drugs, and became more social. After, a few weeks Michael asked me out on a date and I accepted. He took me to a really nice restaurant and we had a really good time. After that he asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted."

     "That's when everything bad started to happen. He started hurting me if I didn't do exactly what he told me to do. Soon, he rarely let me leave my house, or else he would start to abuse me again. I tried breaking up with him and he told me that I wasn't allowed to end our relationship, only he was. Soon, he was forcing me into our relationship even more, if you know what I mean." 

    "I tried to be happy and do what he told me, so that nothing bad would happen, but sometimes he would just get mad and lash out at me. I decided to run away. My mom wouldn't have noticed, so one day after school I ran and just kept running."

    "But somehow he was able to find me and he brought me back and he brought me to my house and told  me that I wasn't worth him anymore and that he was going to date my best friend instead of me." 

     "I was happy that I would finally be free, but I wasn't happy with what everybody at school would think of me. When I went to school the next day everybody was staring at me and whispering a I walked past. When I got to my locker I burst into tears when I saw what people had written in spray paint. It was covered in words such as WHORE, SLUT, SKANK. I ran into that bathroom and cried until I heard the final bell of the day ring. Then I rushed to my car and drove home."

     "That was the day I dyed my hair purple and changed my image. I decided to go to school with confidence. The next day I walked into school with my purple hair, black skinny jeans, tall purple heels, and sheer almost see through light purple blouse."

     "I could see everybody staring, but for a different reason. They all admired me. The hate stopped that day and soon everybody wanted to be my friend and I was the most popular girl in school."

~Author's Note~ 

Sorry its been so long since the last time I wrote. I've been super busy. I hope you guys like this chapter and I'll try to update soon. Stay pretty, loves. :P



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