Painful love

Christina (Crissy) Jones is a senior in high school. She rules West Beverly, every boy wants her and every girl wants to be her. She owns her life and doesn't have a care in the world, until five new boys come to her school and shake up her whole world. Crissy's never known what it's like to be in love, but she starts to understand the pain that comes with it.


12. Finishing Dinner

Harry's POV

That guy was such a dick! Why would anybody ever want to hurt Crissy, I don't understand. I hope she will tell us what that guy did to her. Right now I was still holding her in my arms while she cried.

"Come one love, lets go back to the table." she nodded against my chest and let me lead her back to our table, with Niall walking behind us. Niall slid in, and I put Crissy in between us as I slid into the booth. 

"Do you want to tell us what happened?" Niall asked. As he continued to rub circles on her back. 

"I'll tell you guys later, I don't want to talk about it right now." We all nodded and agreed.

Just then Angel, our waiter, came back, "Can I take your orders?" she asked. 

I ordered for Crissy when she pointed to what she wanted and then me and the rest of the boys ordered our food. Angel smiled and winked at me while I was ordering. Was she trying to flirt with me? I hope she wasn't because no offense to her, but I wasn't really interested. I only wanted Crissy. I might have to fight to get her, but I was more than willing. Angel walked away and we continued to talk. Crissy seemed almost back to normal now and that made me happy. 

"So what is the name of your singing group?" Crissy asked us. 

"One Direction." I said with a smile. "I came up with the name, do you like it?" I asked her. 

She smiled and nodded. "When is What Makes You Beautiful going to be released?" she asked us. 

"Well, once they finish editing it and making it into a complete song from what we recorded today it is our choice when we get to release it." Zayn explained. 

"We should make fliers, and put them all around school, so people know it buy it! It will be on itunes right?" Crissy asked.

"That's a really good idea, Crissy, and yes it will be on itunes a week after we release it to be played on the radio." Liam told her. 

"Wait, your music is going to be on the radio?" She asked excitedly. 

"Yep, every weekend from now until our next single comes out we will be going around the country to different radio stations ,promoting it and getting them to play it on the radio. " Niall said excitedly.

"That sounds like fun, can I come with you guys when you go to the radio stations?" she asked hopefully.

"YESSSS" we all cheered and she laughed. I could tell she was happy that she was going to be coming with us.

"Here is you food," we all looked up and saw Angel holding a try that had our food on it. She gave each of us our food and asked us if we needed anything else. I swear she looked right at me, and winked again. We all said we were fine and she walked away.

There wasn't very much talking for the next few minutes because we all had our mouths full.

Angel came back to refill our drinks when I asked her, "Could we please have our check," she smiled, nodded, and did that weird flick thing with her hair as she walked away.

"What about dessert?" Niall complained.

"Don't worry, I have a surprise for dessert" I told them as I smiled my cheekiest smile.


~Author's Note~

Thank you guys sooooo much for almost 450 views and 71 favorites! I can't believe my fanfic is this popular even though its still kind of new. I also love reading the positive comments you guys leave me. I wanna try to get to 100 favorites before Tuesday, I think I can do it with your help! Also I'm super excited because One Direction's album comes out on Tuesday, and I ordered Ed Sheeran's album Lose Change off of Amazon and it comes on Tuesday! I'm really excited! Stay pretty, loves!!!!   

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