Rhiannon is 16 and her boyfriend's name is Scottie. Scottie had no driver's license and didn't tell her. When Scottie is driving her home from the movies, they get in a terrible accident. Scottie dies but Rhiannon is found half alive in the wreck by a British boy named Louis Tomlinson. She then is hesitant at first, but makes great friends with him and the boys.


1. Prologue

Rhiannon's POV

Scottie was my love, my soul mate. I was sure he was the one. College was just around the corner and I had my plan set. All those goody-goody girls that applied to NYU and Harvard and Yale annoy me. Everyone knows that only few people can actually make it out in the real world. Well, Scottie's parents are loaded! They are expecting him to go to Yale so they have over a million dollars aside for him. After we graduate, we're running away together, no college, just love. My mom doesn't know, I told her I would go to the community college. At least, until the date.

Scottie and I were on a date at the movies. We saw this movie, Paranormal Activity, it was awfully stupid. We were both 16 at the time and Scottie apparently had his driver's license. (Well, he had a car so..) We were driving back to my house when....

BOOM!! Scottie hit the car in front of us. He wasn't wearing a seat belt so he dove out the front window and landed on the street. I reached for him but the car jerked so hard, the seat belt cut my neck and my head hit the right window. Suddenly, the car behind us hit us, somehow slid under us, and flipped our car over! My body hit the roof and stayed there, still. My vision blacked out immediately. I thought I was dead, until he came...

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